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What can cause a sudden, fleeting flash of pain in the brain?

I am experiencing sudden, brief flashes of moderately intense pain in my head. It does not seem connected to any particular activity like a sneeze, cough or physical exertion. Quick flash of pain lasting a second, and then gone. Beginning 2 days ago, this has happened several times, perhaps 5 or 6 times, over the course of the day. I had my annual checkup with my primary care doctor this week, and blood work came back in all normal ranges. Yesterday, blood pressure was 122/73.
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Hm, that is strange.  You don't feel it is muscular in nature (we have all sorts of things that are attached up there in our muscular and joint system over the skull)--  like something pulling on something else causing a momentary ping of pain?
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When it is over, it's completely gone?  No tingling or anything?
No tingling, no lingering pain.
No muscular pull, either, I don't think...
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Okay, I've read about something called an "ice pick" headache which seems to involve a nerve being inflamed. They give medication to reduce this immflamation such as indomethacin.  You should track these and try to see if there is any pattern as to why they occur.
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Have you had a chance to look up Ice pick headaches?  The more I think about it, the more that sounds like your situation.  
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Thanks for your reply--I've just seen it  now (Sunday). I will look up the ice pick headache. I will also make a log of any more of these events, although for some reason, they stopped happening. I had them on Thursday but nothing since then.
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How's it going . . . still no headaches?!  I hope not. Let me know how you are doing.  And at least you have something to look into if they recur.
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I have these sometimes. My doctor said it is just tension or stress. It is a sudden stabbing pain in the head. Usually for me it on my right side. But I don't think that matters. If you get any other symptoms then I would see a doctor. Or if it lasts for a while.
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