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What can the lump behind his ear be?

My boyfriend has this lump or it may even be a cyst behind his neck and its really close to his ear. Since he was young he has always had  health problems because when he was a baby he had heart surgery. I guess the doctors warned him and his mom that he will forever have and occasinal migraines. But now its gotten worse as his grown older. He now has this lump behind his ear for maybe about a couple of years now but before it wasnt so bad but now he gets it almost every day is always taking tylenol or somthing to help it go away but thats not working anymore. The pain that he is experiancing  goes through out his whole right side of his jaw and shoots up back up to his head and that area of the skin where it hurts is sensitive to touch, the skin also kinda change color. He says it moves and when it does thats when he gets these pains.Please Help!
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I think he needs to see two diff docs.  One is a dermatologist, who can decide if it is indeed a cyst and in fact remove it, too.  Now, the other doc would be one who handles migraines, and they can give better meds than just over-the-counter stuff your boyfriend takes now.  The fact that it has worsened, the migraine doc can explain that and help with just the whole thing as it is for him now.  But keep in mind a cyst in that location is quite common, probably a cyst that came from an oily skin blockage, I've gotten a few myself on my head, and they just cut them out of there, sew it up, send it to the lab, and later take the stitches out.  And I had a girlfriend in college who had migraines, they really took her down when she had them, and she saw several docs for various things, especially the migraines.  She was number one in a very large university freshman class, so apparently getting the right doc for migraines is a good idea.
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