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What causes a cold sensation to one side of the head?

I have this cold sensation on the left side of my head, it doesn't hurt, sometimes it feels like water trickling and sometimes it feels like cold air is lightly blowing on my head, it seems to follow a linear patter ( like it may be a nerve issue?).  I do have a current sinus infection/allergies and fluid behind both eardrums, the doctor didn't seem real concerned with this sensation and said people get funny sensations all the time with their nerves.  This has been going on for a week now, I did have a couple days that I didn't notice the sensation and it also seems to be more pronounced when I think about it ( I have anxiety/panic attacks).  This did happen about 5 years ago as well and I was also congested with sinuses/allergies at that time but not as bad as this time.  I have sinus and allergies issues during the last 5 years but have only had this particular sensation 2 times with it...could it be something else?  I had a CT of head 2 years ago.was normal and also my regular checkups for bloodwork is normal.  Should I get an MRI or just forget about this sensation?  I also had a root canal upper front tooth 2 weeks ago, didn't that would be related?  Anybody with any knowledge regarding this type of sensation please advise!  
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I get those feelings too. I often associate it with anxiety and stress, as I too get anxiety and panic attacks, and notice these symptoms after days or weeks of prolonged stress. Also, cold strands of hair can cause this feeling, making me think it is inside of my head, then I feel around my hand to find a cold section of hair (possibly due to the air) that causes this sensation, as the hair is placed close to the scalp. Sinusitis and other colds and flus can also cause this symptom due to post nasal drip and can cause a "cold, wet feeling in the head"

More than likely, it is due to one of those 3 factors: post nasal drip, anxiety, or a cold section of your scalp or hair.... people with dysautonomia and panic attacks get them more frequently, and it can also be a bodily reaction to prolonged / acute stress. I have had these symptoms during some of my full blown out panic attacks, so I try to just ignore them or decipher if it is indeed from stress or maybe just a cold spot. I would not worry too much about it unless other symptoms also develop due to it. I had a friend who used to puke simply from a lot of stress, and blood would even ooze from his ears. He is a more severe case, and should go to the doctor... but he refused to. I am no longer in contact with said individual, but the point is.... is don't panic. Relax and access the situation first. If you are fine otherwise, and feel healthy, then do not look into it too much. But if it concerns you that badly, go see a doctor. They can give you a CT scan to rule out any other possibilities. :)

~Crystal: a woman who has suffered years with stress/anxiety/panic
183202 tn?1219853659
CORRECTION:: MRI, I just read that you already got a CT scan
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I also suffer with sinus and anxiety but both are pretty much under control at this time. I have been showing signs of cold side of my face for the last 4 months....I've also been trying to pin point when it occurs...so far it seems when I have my glasses on it occurs..now I have to wear my glasses full time so I can see...I noticed that it doesn't happen when my glasses are off through the nigh or when I put my contacts in. There is a definite pattern. I have adjusted my glasses every which way to try to relieve any pressure on my ears or my nose. So far I haven't found relief from that ( my glasses are titanium and rimless) ...only when they are off my head. I don't know if it's a reaction from the metal or not but if you wear glasses I would test it.

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For about 10 months I have had my whole left arm, shoulder from one side to other, left side of neck and left side of face and a few weeks ago cold sensations at both upper part of legs just the inner side of both legs to the knees, and it stays in all places for 3 days before going away, I have had all kinds of doctors and tests and no answers, and my doctor doesn't want to do a Mir or cat scan they say they cannot cause I don't have cancer, anyone have any answers? ***@****  if you know
Thanks, Tracey
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it has to be anxiety. i suffer from panic disorder and i get this every now and then and decided to google it. (it brought me to this page)
i dont have any sinus issues or any other health issues. i wonder what really causes this though? :(
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I have had this type of feeling for many years and no one can explain. I would love a answer so if its some thing bad I can take action.most of the time cold spot on my right side of head but as of late getting also back of head near bottom part of head before neck and then getting left side. Most time cold feeling but not to touch. If last a long time can  hurt. I also get feelings I explain it to My Dr's like   worms crawling around. I have migrains I know not that I have anxiety , Fibromyalga, seziuers and a lot more. With these othere things I need to watch for singhs. I have triangle areas since 2007 and have learned to live with it. I have had Tmi's .I hope some one have had these cold spots and been told a medical info. Thank you
Have you ever been tested for Lyme disease?
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I'm having the same feeling. I was worried and thought it had something to do with a stroke. But the feeling comes and goes. It's not constant. Also I'm having a cold and sinus, and slightly stressed. The cold sensation began after I did some neck exercise. And I admit I have been a little inactive. So my body is telling me to get moving. The doctor says I might have pinched a nerve. She didn't take it very seriously.
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I have these same symptoms. It's like insects or ants crawling in my head. I also get the cold sensation. It seems to be between my skull and my brain. Mine started about four years ago when my blood pressure went sky high. After a few months it cleared up. I had cataract surgery in October and the same thing came back. It hasn't gone away yet. Mine seems to come with trauma to my head. I wish I can get some answers. I did have mri, ct, but nothing. I also saw doctors but no one can explain this phenomenon as I call it.
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Just want to say that I also have a cold sensation on the top of my head for almost 2 years. No doctor can explain what happen. It is like cold water on my forehead, with some tingling feelings. I have done both head and neck MRI with no abnormality found. I also have a tiredness feeling on my neck, just like the neck cannot support the weight of my head. So hopeless right now.
I also have the same feelinsg a few weeks ago. Just did an MRI yesterday.  I also have reflux and postnasal drip now and then
Tangelina, is it a constant feeling? I'm having cold sensation also. Started in my left hip then crawled up to my shoulder, now it's in my scalp. Each time they gave me steroids and it just got worse. Now it's practically my whole left side and going into the right side now.   I can't figure out what triggers it. Possible candida overgrowth from antibiotics? Have you found any answers yet?
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For me this started a few days ago and I'm really worried. I have anxiety also.
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Same here but no anxiety i AM having sinus issues though .
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I also have cold sensation and tiredness feeling on my neck, now I have dizziness. Got a cervical spine xray. Turned out I got straightened cervical spine due to spasm.
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I was diagnosed with a Chiari malformation and I have the same feeling in my head, left arm and neck.
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I recently changed my dosage of Prozac from 30 mg to 40 mg.  That is when the cold feeling in my head started.  I took only 30 mg today and had a faint feeling of cold but not as bad as the other days.  I am  going to stay with 30 mg for a week and then try 40 mg again to see if the additional 10 mg is the trigger.
Did you ever find out if ut was the Prozac ??? I am having the same issues. So ive been looking for answers and i saw your post. I also take Prozac. I'm curious. I don't want to start panicking.
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I think y'all should stop worrying. I find it fascinating really. I just felt this sensation about 10 minutes ago. It felt kinda odd but good. Our bodies are temporary. Don't worry too much
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It could be coz of lesser blood circulation.like how you stop moving ur hand for a long time and u feel numb.prolly cos u dont drink enough water
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