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What could be causing dizziness and brief localized pain behind eye?

I'm not sure if this is the best forum to be posting this question, but I am not really sure what category this falls under. I am 17 years old with no previous health problems. I would consider myself to be in good shape since I run cross country and track. Track practices started a few days ago and I've had some unusual problems. After a run I get pretty dizzy, feel a pain in the base of my skull where it connects to my neck, and feel like vomiting. In addition, I get very brief (1-10 seconds) pinches of mild pain behind and slightly above either eye. I would chalk this up to simply being out of shape but I've never felt like this after the first track practice. Normally, it would take me less than 5 minutes to recover after a run but it's taking me near 20 sometimes. I've had a lump in front of my ear since the summer (I think in the parotid gland), and I recently was reminded of it. The lump has had me on edge so I've been really critical about every sensation I feel in my body. I feel as if I may be blowing everything out of proportion because of health anxiety or something. About 5 years ago I'd get these same pinches behind my eye when playing baseball and I have gotten them ever since. Sometimes I'd go awhile without getting one and then it would just happen. Since track started a week ago, these pinches have increased in frequency and happen at any moment in the day. Like I said, they do not hurt much at all but are annoying and worrisome. In addition, since track started I have been sensitive to any motion of my head. It's like I have been consistently dizzy or lightheaded since track started (a few days ago). Maybe it's all a figment of my imagination. I know this post is very disorganized so this is basically what I am experiencing:

after running: dizziness, wanting to vomit, pain in base of head, and increased frequency of pinches behind eye.

increased frequency of pinches behind eye since track started

continual feeling of dizziness or lightheadedness

lump in front of ear in parotid area (if that matters)

Like I said, this may all be a result of me over-analyzing my body due to anxiety. For the past month or so I have felt less than 100 percent (tired, occasional scratchy throat in morning, occasional sneeze or dry cough). I wouldn't say I feel sick, just not perfectly well. Anyways, thanks to anyone willing to review this messy post and taking the time to reply!

P.S. I had a serious blow to the head when I was seven that busted my head open and sent me to the emergency room. For months after that incident (possibly years), I distinctly remember getting a moderate to severe headache every afternoon. One day those headaches stopped and they never came back in the same manner. Probably not related but just some background information. Again, thanks!
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I had kind of the same headaches for threetimes during my previous 5 years, go for medical examination and scanning and it was migrane. However, the best advice is to consult a doctor/expert now, because it is unreliable to tell your problem only based on symptoms.

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