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What could cause pressure in my head upon standing & laying down?

Also have sudden high blood pressure, (since June 5th) and brain fog. i have extreme fatique, the pressure in my head is worse when I roll to the right...I can even make it happen by lying down and rolling to the right. Nothing occurs when I roll to left.
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So, I absolutely would expect you to see a doctor.  The high blood pressure is concerning if it is sudden.  How do you know it is high?  We can't feel our blood pressure, we only know what it is from a reading.  You've had recent BP readings that are high?  You can have other issues that are involved with this pressure and the  increase in pain/pressure when you roll one way may be due to sinuses on that side or inner ear issues on that side.  But all of that is speculation as you need to be seen by your doctor to address things especially the blood pressure if it is now high.  good luck
I have had a friend post my question due to the fact I am incarcerated, and have inadequate health care here in prison. There have been many medical issues throughout the last 18 yrs, but doctors flow in & out of the penal system so quickly...none have been able or willing to take the time to reach a diagnosis.
In 2000, I woke up with severe imbalance...unable to walk upright unassisted for nearly 6 mo's. The nausea lasted only a few days, but within those 3 days, I lost 100% of my hearing in my left ear. I remain deaf in that ear. They ran multiple tests, the only test that came back abnormal was a spinal tap where my intracranial pressure was more than 3 times normal. I eventually adjusted and learned to walk upright unassisted in stages, holding/following wall, etc. The facility labelled it simply "vertigo issues". I have bouts of imbalance about 1/2 doz times, but it passed generally within 2 days. Each time, the medical staff issued mechlazine...for the reoccurring nausea.
This bout has lasted over a month...happening both upon standing and lying down...especially when rolling to the right. The nurses have been doing blood pressure readings..about 10 thus far, ranging from 149/112...to 144/96. I have been noticing within the last wk...a tingling, numb feeling on the left side of my face. Intermittant.
I would genuinely be very grateful for any feedback or speculation...as it is very limited as far as tests to reach a diagnosis in this system.  
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