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What could cause very fast rhythic muscle contractions at rest please?

Hi, I am a 32 year old woman, who has bee struggling for quite some time now & I am in need of guidance please. My symptoms are as follows…
Four or more years ago noticed upper neck & back of head pain also the right side of my jaw felt a little out of place. Before I noticed this I started getting sharp pains above right ear, I get these generally when I’m walking around & they can be strong enough to stop me in my tracks. I have had 3 episodes of these pains one after another.
I get tinnitus that comes and goes, mostly no sooner its there than its gone but it also does persist and the ringing coincides with my heartbeat (right ear) when I lay the heartbeat is more like a physical sound
Often I get a lot of random pains on my scalp area not as bad as the sharp pain to right side.
More recently on two occasions I have had pins & needles left side of head & body (I have acquired quite an uneven posture).
I get double vision always very briefly, it’s like seeing two items fuse into one, also I’ve been told I have a high intraocular pressure & have an emergency appointment to a glaucoma clinic. I get a lot of eye pain.
I get a lot of sinus / hay fever type symptoms, everyday.
The neck pain is now affecting my overall posture right shoulder is higher & further forward than the left I think & my hips & waist are no longer even. I have new aches & pains galore & often seem to catch myself tensing.
I seem to have a permanent tension type headache now this can vary in intensity, noises hurt my head when head aches are bad, this is often. I also get a lot of severe headaches right eye & side of face. I’ve had 5 episodes of the worst headaches of my life lasting between 2 3 & 5 days on these days my sister has had to look after my little girl. I’ve been told I get chronic migraines & take a low dose nortriptyline for this, it doesn’t seem to help.
I noted a while ago that when I sneeze I get pins & needles, this is predominantly in my rib cage but can extend to any part of my body. More recently & not all the time the slightest movement can trigger these in my rib cage.
I can get a lot of tachycardia on standing, beta blockers seem to take the edge off this a lot.
The main reason I am writing this seeking guidance, is the way I jitter. At first, I struggled to differentiate it from my heart beat is was like a feeling inside, as it has grown stronger it is visibly obvious to myself and others. It is very fast, very rhythmic & it happens when I am at rest or in brief lapses of concentration, if I move or swallow it temporarily stops. I find cbd oil helps keep these under control but I am not sure how long that will work for as they are getting stronger. I have had numerous tests & am unsure what kind of tests I should now be looking at having, any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated please?
Tests I have had through my GP… full blood count, liver, kidney, glucose, b12, thyroid, cortisol & celiac… all perfectly normal. Also I paid a Neurologist to do a brain MRI with contrast about a year & a half ago, this ruled out both MS & a dural av malformation. The only thing that showed on there was some fluid in the middle ear & mastoid air cells. Clutching at straws, I have instigated further investigation of this through an ENT & have this morning had a CT scan of the Mastoid, I get the results from this next week.
I would very much appreciate any advice or guidance please.
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