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What disease could I have ?
I have had the following symptoms. I am wondering what disease I may have. The doctors have so far been unable to diagnose anything.

0) I am 33 year old Male - been relatively healthy throughout my life and have had no injuries (other than a cpl fractures of the foot when I was growing up) or surgeries ever.
1) In summer of 2007, I started suffering from loss of bladder control. I had to go every hour and always urgently. I did not have any back pain at that point (and neither do I have it now). They suspected kidney stone or prostate but all of them were ruled out.
I've been having pins and needles on the bottom of my feet for a while (off and on)
2) I saw several doctors, including my urologist who did a CT scan of the bladder and put me on Sanctura.

3) Sanctura seemed to help and I was fine for a cpl months. I stopped Sanctura and was fine for a cpl months Oct-Dec 2007.
4) In Dec 2007, I had to start again on Sanctura. It worked for a couple weeks and then stopped working. I mean it works in the sense that without Sanctura, it really gets bad for me. With Sanctura - I have to go urinate quite often but not as often as without it. And yes, with sanctura - I atleast sleep through the night but it hurts in the morning a bit since the pressure has been building
5) Late Dec 2007, I started having numbness of right leg (especially thigh) and quite a bit of pain in my right leg in general and also weakness
6) They sent me for an MRI and the MRI seems normal but they did say I might have meningioma but its not confirmed since they dont see anything major (I still have to follow-up with my neurologist on that). Infact I heard back from my primary who thinks the MRI is normal. The doctor who ordered the MRI says there is some thickening that might be there.

7) I still dont have any back pain. But the urianry problem is worse on some days. I have to go every 45 minutes. Leg numbness is slowly increasing and I've started feeling numbness in my penis area as well. I get tired and exhausted much more than usual.
8) My worry is that they havent been able to diagnose anythign so far. And my symptoms are slowly becoming bad. Legs are weaker and I notice a significant lack of muscular strength and also some loss of muscle in leg. They say its nothing to worry about but it bothers me a lot.
Anybody else had a similar bout of symptoms ?

- Photoman
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