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What do I have???

I’m a 31yo male. Started having panic attacks 2 years ago. A month ago, got an abscessed tooth infection. Had that taken care of but then I started feeling weird things along the right side of my head (same side as the tooth). I asked the dentist if it was possible the infection spread up into my head or brain & he said no. The sensations feel like a constant dull pressure sitting on the top right side. It tingles a little & sore to the touch. I started having panic attacks again & I'm a mess. Went to hospital last week, had a CT scan on my head, results were normal. They gave me pain meds which haven't worked. Started feeling quick twangs starting at the top and shooting down the back right side of my head. Not really painful, just annoying. My head started feeling hot, making me feel feverish, but I take my temp. and it's normal. Started to feel dizzy, ringing in my right ear & nausea (but no vomiting). Thought maybe these were side effects of the pain meds. I went to my regular doctor 2 days ago and he said it is all anxiety. I thought perhaps ear infection but he looked in my ear & said it's fine. Today I felt the sharp twangs again but more intense & they occurred more frequently. The dullness is still present & starting to get regular headaches in my temples. The worst part of all this is I don’t have medical insurance. I don't want to keep going back to doctors and hospitals but I find it hard to buy that all these symptoms are just stress & anxiety. I can't afford all of this stuff! I've dealt with anxiety and panic for 2 years now and I'm familiar with what comes along with it. But these new things bring it to a whole new level. It drives me crazy to keep wanting to check myself out but then I think...one day something is going to be really wrong with me but I'm just going to dismiss it as anxiety and then I wouldn't have caught it in time. Can anyone relate to these things and/or offer me any advice? It's getting very difficult to make it through the day.
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I hope you are receiving medication and exposure therapy for your panic attacks.  I had them from a car wreck.  Your right head area may be infected from the abscess.  I don't understand how come your docs haven't given you some antibiotics to clear up the infection, or if you already got them, perhaps you need another round of different ones.

Since you don't have insurance, you can go to the county health department and be seen today, if you like.  They only charge what you can afford, which is sometimes nothing.  Tell the doc you had a recent abscess on the same side of your face that your current symptoms are happening, and that perhaps you have a continuing infection that needs to be cleared up.  That way, your physician will be pointed in the right direction when he examines you and prescribes treatment.
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