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What does this mean on my MRI??

In relation to the MRI of head and neck

" disc buldge at c3-4 midly impinging on left exciting nerve root and slightly coming into contact with spinal cord"


" there is an obliteration of fluid space at the foraman"

i have had physio, tramadol, now on amitriptaline, physio was good for a while, now 5 months later i am getting burning sensation in left arm, weakness and pain in wrist, also my neck tends to droop forward more often. The headaches which i was origanally refered for have gone from migraine type Headaches to a more back of the head pressure HA where i feel like my head is going to explode and they normally last anywhere between 9-13hrs and sumitriptan does not work, im pretty much taking paracetomol on a weekly basis now. oh and i am also taking anti nausea tablets on/off.
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Is anyone able to reply?

I have just been notified that i am to have a repeat MRI at the end of October due to left arm weakness and burning sensations.

Thanks in advance.,
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Bump x
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