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What is an Extradural Defect?

  I was looking at the report from my Myelogram and I came across the term "extradural defect". What is that?
  The results of the Myelogram was; Minimal extradural defects at c3/c4 and c4/c5. Mild to moderate anterior extradural defects at c5/C6 levels. Mild anterior extradural defect at l4/l5 and minimal anterior extradural defect at L5//S1.Are there any symptoms that accompany such "defects? If so what are they?
  I also had SSEP/NCV, the impression of this study was; Nerve condruction study of bilateral lower extremities show evidence of lumbar radiculopathy on L5, S1
  I was wondering if the symptoms that I have which involve my bladder, and weakness in my legs could come from these findings? Are "defects" the same as lesions?
  I appreciate your help. Thankyou!
Extradural means  " outside the dura " the dura being the tough fibrous
layer if tissue which surrounds the brain and spinal cord.
The structures immediately outside the dura are the bones (vertebrae )
and discs of the spinal cord.
A defect in a myelogram is something which makes a bulge into the
side of sac formed by the dura, since the fluid inside dura lights up
intensely on a myelogram the bulge into the area is seen as a dark area
(a defect).
The most likely object to cause this bulge would be a slipped disc.
If the disc causing the bulge is pressing onto a nerve root it will cause
pain in the area supplied by the nerve and weaknes in the muscles
supplied by the nerve.
A radiculopathy is a setof symptoms and signs caused by damage to a nerve
root in your case the L5 / S1 nerve roots
(which show evidence of possible nerve root compression on the myelogram )
so it all fits together.
Nerve compression in this area would be most likely to cause pain radiating
down the back of the legs, the bladder symptoms would not be likely to be
caused by these problems at these nerve roots.
Defect and lesion are imprecise terms which are sometimes used

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