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I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and 4 weeks ago had a brain MRI w/o contrast (due to pregnancy) due to neuro symptoms.  It started 2 mos. ago with intermittent numbness feeling on left side of head.  Since then the following has occured: seeing flashes of light, hearing clicking noise in left ear and sizzling noise in neck (usually when laying down), buzzing sensation in limbs (mainly right foot), random burning sensations in limbs, and now what appears to be intermittent muscle weakness mainly on right side.  I'm not even sure you'd call it weakness, but it feels my muslces are more sore when I use them to perform normal daily tasks although I seem to have full strength.  I've also noticed that although I was not diagnosed with gestational diabetes, that OB says due to hormones my sugar levels have been hard to regulate.  As such I've experienced nausea, dizziness, shakiness, brain fog, anxiety, etc.  Upon attempting to regulate my diet/sugar level these symptoms have decreased but the above remain.  What are the above symptoms and could they at all be related to my sugar levels being off for so long (they go from 60-254).  I should note the EEG, EMG and MRI I had were all negative.  Help.....
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How are you feeling now?
How is your pregnancy going on?
Your symptoms are definitely non-specific and suggests that there is some generalized cause. It is right in saying the sugar disturbance can cause some of the generalized symptoms you have mentioned.
Again, to see for any neurological cause for your symptoms, all investigations are done which suggest that they normal. Hence now to think that you have some neurological ailment is difficult.
Have you done your random and fasting blood sugar assessment?
Are you taking adequate diet? Are you working still or taking rest in house? What time of the day this symptoms are more?
Have you done NST test for your pregnancy to assess for well- being of your child?
Vitamin deficiency can also cause similar symptoms. Are you on Vitamin B12 supplements?
Hope this helps you.
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I am feeling the same however forgot to mention that I'd also been having very dull headaches mainly in the sinus or left temple area mainly when laying down.  If I wake with the headache it's gone within minutes.  I had what appears to be an intermittent sinus headache tonight around dinnertime as well (hx of sinus headaches).  Also tonight I noticed times when the sound of my own voice echoed and then got more clear.  I've had fluid in both ears throughout this pregnancy.  The first time I got it I treated with decongestants and it cleared, however when it reappeared I decided to deal with it and not continue to take medicine.  My left ear has begun ringing mainly at night.  If this has nothing to do with pregnancy the pregnancy itself is going fine.  I've had ultrasounds and lab work and all seems to be well according to OB re: baby.  What is NST test?  I will admit I was so nauseous first half of pregnancy though that my diet mainly consisted of carbs until about 6 months and then still wasn't the greatest.  They ruled out gestational diabetes but feel hormones cause sugar flucutations.  I thought too about B 12.....
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Hi Preggo,
I assume that is your name.
NST is Non stress test which is done to detect intact fetal brain stem function.
Fetal well-being is confirmed if the baseline heart rate is normal and there are periodic increases in the fetal heart rate.
Tinnitus in your ear is due to fluid collection as you have mentioned.
Are you on vitamin B12, Folic acid and calcium supplements?
When are you due for your labour?
Bye and Take care.
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Oh, not haven't had NST.  OB says all looks great with baby.  I've read about Tinnitus and it seems it can be more than ringing which might explain the other noises I hear then as well, huh (sizzling and clicking)?  No, not on b12 supplements, but am taking prenatal vitamins (only B6 in those).  I will ask OB about this.  I had lab tests but they never said anything about B12 deficiency.  Would this have to be a specific test?  One lab test the doc did say my BUN was low, which he said indicated I wasn't eating enough protein????  I am due 5 weeks from today.  Thanks soooo much for your reply.  Are you a doc?  Would you recommend an MRI with contrast after delivery of baby?
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Hi Preggo,
Is that your name?
Vitamin B12 deficiency is diagnosed with help of few other investigations like assessing level of ferritin in body among lot of other test.
Yes I am a doctor.
I think there is no hurry to do MRI with contrast; we can wait and observe, if after pregnancy the symptoms persist we can do it, otherwise I feel we can wait.
Bye and take care.
Eat lot of green leafy vegetables and enjoy yourself.
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Preggo isn't my name, just stands for being pregnant.  I know I mentioned the headaches earlier and have now had one more persistently the last few days although still intermittent.  When my temple or side of head hurts and I touch the area it feels tender.  I don't know if this tells you anything?  Sometimes I also feel off balance or as if I'm being pulled to the right (I do currently).  I also forgot to mention very low grade fever for past few weeks (99) and slightly swollen lymph nodes.  I have been frightened that this and other symptoms I have means I have a brain tumor despite the MRI.  You on the other hand seem less concerned b/c you said a contrast MRI could likely wait, so that is good.  Are my symptoms indicative of a brain tumor?  Can I rely on a noncontrast MRI of the brain for accuracy?  Thanks again.....
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