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What is visible and not on an MRI?

Just had an MRI /w contrast today. Just wanted to know, what kind of things Cant be seen on an MRI and why?

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What cant be seen on an MRI? Im awaiting my results, and i want to know if there is anything that cant be seen on an MRI.

Can an aneurysm be seen?
Can foreign bodies, like parasites, worms or bacterial infections, be seen?

Im not ruling Anything out of the equation. If my neufolgist finds nothing, i need to know if there is reasonable need to seek a second opinion.
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This is a generic MRI scan. Would a parasite easily be found, going layer by layer, like this?

Im talking about a worm. How can you detect something, when you're only seeing a slice of it in a multi-layered photo?
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Hi there. MRI brain can detect a variety of conditions of brain like cysts, tumors, swelling, developmental and structural abnormalities, infections, inflammatory conditions, problems with blood vessels. It can also detect if a shunt is working and any damage to brain caused by an injury or a stroke. MRI brain can be useful in evaluating problems like persistent headaches, dizziness, weakness and blurry vision or seizures and chronic diseases of the nervous system like multiple sclerosis. It can provide clear images of parts of brain that can’t be seen as well on x-ray, cat scan or ultrasound, making it valuable for diagnosing pituitary gland and brain stem problems. Hope this helps. Take care.

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I don't know how to start a new post, but please refer below and share your thoughts:

My Best friend has been diagnosed with Colloid cyst 1 mnth before. He was having kindaa of shock sometimes in his left side of brain past 3-4 months back that has been replaced by a severe headache on left side and most of the time grows till behind of left-eye.

Now almost 1 month back, he has been diagnosed by a famous Neurosurgen following with a CT scan reported as Colloid cyst (which after searching on net, we got information about it) but the doctor himself never mentioned any severity, cause or disease and after providing prescription of 2 tablets last month (even following the course, my friend has sometimes noticed that pain was coming into Right side with same intensity), the Dr. has asked to repeat the course for next 3 months.

But still my best friend is facing severe headaches from last 5 days and sometimes not able to sleep well, got tired soon and got irriated very quickly.

I am so concerned about him and really want satisfied words. Please tell me either the approach of Neurosurgen is fine or not. This Dr. didn't mention any dimention (lenght of Colloid cyst on report) nor he spoke anything except writing tabs ( I know he is very famous here) but that should work as improvement for my buddy.

Please help me what do to for his support emotionally and personally.
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