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What may be causing my wide-ranging neurological symptoms?

Four years ago I started experiencing some strange symptoms - pain in kidney region, tightness in chest, and wide ranging neurological symptoms in all limbs. There were also 4 instances of having full body cramp that would come on rapidly and last 5 to 10 minutes - completely tight chest, pursed lips, full cramp in hands and calf muscles.

These symptoms resolved themselves in 3 months or so, but since then the symptoms have returned periodically (every 6 - 9 months) - but never as bad as I reminder the first instances in 2012. Over the past two weeks they have returned. Below is a breakdown of what I am feeling:

- Muscle Twitching: constant and random across both sides bottom of foot, thigh muscles , groin, buttocks, upper arm, eyelids
- Pins & Needles / Burning Sensation / Itching: random as above, itching extending to chest, back, and scalp. Nothing overwhelming, just annoying and I'm aware of it.
- Numbness: twice I've experienced arm numbness, but more common in area around mouth / jaw / cheeks
- Pain: occasional shooting pain in right kidney, left chest below the breakbone, and eyes ... again not overwhelming, but definitely aware of it

I have some mild fatigue, but no loss of balance / coordination, no difficulty breathing or sleeping, no difficulties speaking. I am physically active and do not notice the symptoms when I am playing sport.

I have seen three doctors between 2012 - 2014, with no firm diagnosis. Negative tests for HIV and diabetes, all clear on ECGs, no lesions showing on an MRI. In their view, this ruled out the most severe neurological diseases and I figure anything like MS / ALS would have manifested more strongly by now.

The only theories of note (completely uninformed and not made my doctors) are some kind of seafood reaction, a reaction to two surgeries I had just prior to symptoms starting (knee reconstruction and oral implants), or some kind of virus.

All of the above, I'm stuck for ideas and can go to a new doctor but worry it may yield the same result. Appreciate any ideas a wider forum may have!
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