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What's Wrong with me? Please Help

First off My name is Andres, I'm 16 and live in Maplewood, Minnesota..

I don't Exactly know how to put this but I'm just going to describe exactly how it is...

My Parents don't Believe me.. Plz Can you just believe me? and give me some serious answers.. Because I really don't think anything deadly should be happening to me yet..

Well this is how it goes.... Starting about 3 Months ago.. I've been having REALLY weird things happening to me at night.. keep in mind this hasn't happend every single night.. More like 3-6 times a month.. and it seems at a constant rate.. Well anyways.. it happens when i go to sleep. every once in a while.. I suddenly wake up.. (Mentally) it's almost like I'm in Coma.. its the worst feeling ever.. I Can't Move no matter how hard i try.. The first thing i always here when I get up from this is.. a Ringing noise inside my head.. then whenever i try to move... i hear loud noises.. and To prove to everyone it wasn't a Dream or just my imagination.. I left my T.V on. and when it happened I could Hear everything that was on the T.V.. I just couldn't wake up.. I'm always just sitting there completely paralyzed. Well Right when i woke up out of the "Coma" type thing thats happening to me... I hurried and rewinded my T.V to see if that's what was actually coming on. and it was... right then and there I KNEW it wasn't a Dream.. or my imagination playing tricks on me.. I'm so Terrified some nights just of it happening again

Well im sorry for making this so long i just had to explain it exactly how its happening..

Well this might be useful idk...

Age: 16
Weight: 129
Height: 5'10

I live a Normal Teenage Life.. Hang out with friends.. I'm never depressed always happy... I am Physically Fit.. have really High Metabolism.. Never really injured anything in my head or any major anything.. I've only broken 2 bones.. Wrist, And Thumb. I have no Family History of any Mental Disorders or anything really.. actually i don't have a family history in any diseases or anything.

Well plz Help I'm Really Scared..

ohh yeah and I'm a >Male<
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Dear Andres,
Here you go, some stuff to read about.  I had your experience when I was younger and real busy.  At the bottom is a link to all sorts of info on sleep paralysis, and here is a quote describing your condition from www.mayoclinic.com, the section on narcolepsy, which basically means your sleep is goofed up:

"Sleep paralysis mimics the type of temporary paralysis that normally occurs during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, the period of sleep during which most dreaming occurs. This temporary immobility during REM sleep may prevent your body from acting out dream activity. Not everyone with sleep paralysis has narcolepsy, however. Many normal people experience a few attacks of sleep paralysis, especially in young adulthood."

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Hi Andres,
Well good to know how concerned you are about your health.Well nothing to worry ,what appears from your incidents is that it might your nightmares or what we call it as dream anxiety attacks.. Its a very unpleasant dream which forces you for partial awakening. Person can feel any emotions in a nightmare, such as anger, guilt, sadness or depression, but the most common feelings are fear and anxiety. Lot of things can cause nightmares,especially while trying hard to adjust to something or struggling with current unpleasant situatio in life.Any medications taken for long duration and sudden withdrawal of them can cuase the same.
It is nice that you talk calmly and quitely with your parents or close relatives about it.But generally it does not require any treatment for it.But if you feel it is recurring then you can concult a therapist for it with your parents accompanying you.
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Thanks Alot! I read it all and i'm changing my sleep schedule and Exercise schedule.
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Well... I think this Explains alot.. Thanks alot!
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My husband has done this since he can remember. Now my 11 year old does it as well. I don't think it is harmful. They don't hear noises though.
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