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Whole body numbness/dullness/loss of sensation all over

Hi, Thank you to all reading this. As of today I have severe symptoms that affect my CNS but no neurologist can figure out the cause. My symptoms consist of loss of/decreased sensation throughout my body that i describe as numbness. My whole body has a great loss of sensation and I have numbness throughout no one patch of body can i feel more than another. My head also feels swollen or inflamed. I have also have flare ups of inflammation that last a week where a part of my body will get very swollen and painful for no reason. This has happened in my stomach, nose, eyes, scrotum, fingers, arms. No doctor can figure it out when the flare up happens meanwhile I am in a great amount of pain. I notice after eating I would feel very weak, dizzy, and almost lose control as if my body is struggling to keep consciousness. I also have terrible TMJ my jaw is in 24/7 pain as well as cracking all day it feels misaligned. I have muffled hearing in my both ears that came one day I woke up and has not changed. Everything sounds muted and no ENTs can figure it out. I believe its must be the TMJ and the nerves that are affected by this illness...This all started after a shower in 2020 I began to experience numbness in one area of my body. Which was very concerning and started abruptly. Neurologists tried gabapentin which caused an adverse reaction and the numbness began to spread all over my body bilaterally. I was ordered an MRI with contrast and a non active lesion was found in the brain very small. I was hospitalized for a Spinal Tap and more work up. My spinal tap had oligoclonal bands in my spinal fluid showing some type of action in my central nervous system. Now recently I had another spinal tap and had 8 Oligoclonal Bands with 98% Lymphocytes 2% Monocytyes but only 100 Cells in the CSF. My neurologist know something is wrong now but can't find the cause of the Bands. They believed it was MS treated me with very high dose of Prednisone and then the diagnosis was taken back and conclusive that these symptoms were no MS and I did not have it. I had continue to see many doctors from other specialties and non diagnosis still. Medications made it worse made me sick etc. I had a stool test done which showed very high Secretory IGA Very high Anti-Gliadin IGA and Calprotectin. I was told to take gluten out my diet and I have less reactions now after eating food which has helped but my symptoms are the same and still need treatment for this illness.  hope and pray someone here has heard of these symptoms. I am in my 20s lost my whole life left school. I just pray for a second chance at life. Please if you have ever heard of someone describe whole body numbness/numbness throughout their body please let me know. Any info helps as I try to find a way to optimal health. If you have any info on these symptoms or ever heard of a diagnosis/cause for whole body numbness it would be greatly appreciated. -Thank You very much for your time and I wish everyone nothing but great health.
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