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Why am i seeing stuff that isnt't there?

Hi, i'm Colleen and 14 years old
It started at the end of spring last year, with what looked like a single floater however it multiplied like a cell and by the summer i had periods of seeing nothing but bright circles, everywhere, which was obviously quite disturbing.

I saw my GP who referred me to an optamologist who confirmed my eyes were fine, no floaters, and she just sent me home saying my anaemia was causing me to see all of this.

After sorting out my anaemia everything was getting worse, i got visual snow, sometimes i see lights like fireflies dashing about and in the dark its like i am hallucinating kind of, patterns of light will spiral grow and dissapear like nothing happened. I went back (after waiting over 3 months for an appointment) who sent me home telling me it will just go away.

As this obviously wasnt going to happen, i pushed to get a head MRI and just weeks ago i did the scan of which the only thing that showed up was some kind of hormone gland that was way too big. The lady at the eye clinic said that this wouldn't effect my vision.

And so i don't know what is wrong with me, my eyes have no problem and that's been confirmed a lot yet i keep getting sent back, but ive come to the conclusion that if my eyes are fine the only other thing that could cause this is my brain.

Does anyone have any idea whats wrong/ experience it would be much appreciated?

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There is a specialty called an "opthamalogical neurology". There is no way someone can tell you you "have no floaters". They may or may not be visible under examination. It's very hard to assert yourself because of your age and many physicians simply don't take the time to explain things to the very old and the very young. You need to obtain a written copy of your diagnosis. And all medical records. Also get a copy of your MRI on a disc, as well as the evaluation. I am not a happy camper with the way you have been evaluated. I am also concerned as to the reason for your anemia. It isn't always iron deficiciency. Cheer up for the New Years. Don't feel a bit guilty about complaining about your problems. The "squeaky wheel gets the grease". Needless to say you need a test called an hba1c, for diabetic tendencies and a blood clotting test. Both are relatively inexpensive and usually always covered by insurance. During your eye exam the interior of your eyeball should have been scanned and photographed. Find out if this has been done. Please post back when you find out more. You may need your mom/dad's help to get your medical records, but that should be a priority. Take care.
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Hi.  Have you seen a neurologist yet?  What you are experiencing could come from many causes.  Best to find out what the "hormone gland" described is and a neurologist to interpret the MRI.  Also, having a complete physical exam is in order.  Good luck and let us know.
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Hey, i havent seen a neurologist yet, i have an appointment in feb with the eye clinic as they asked me back, i will urge to get one after that.
Thanks for your answer, i'll update once i know what's wrong :)
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