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Why did half my face go numb and still is over a year later?

On September 7th 2018 I was just sitting at home watching tv when the left side of my tongue felt like it was slowly going numb. Over the next 12 hours the numbness spread through the entire left side of my face and a little into my hairline on the left side. It was as if someone drew a straight line down my face causing me to lose sensation to everything on the left side; forehead, cheek, nose, eyeball, teeth, gums, left side of my tongue and chin/jaw. Despite losing feeling I still have full muscle control with not even a hint of paralysis. I went to the ER fearing I was having a stroke or something and got cleared of that and followed up with a neurologist who sent me for an MRI. Nothing, got the all clear again.

It is now March, 1st 2020 and I have only regained about 50% of the feeling back. I can tell the difference between hot and cold again but still have some loss of sensation. For about a year now I sometimes feel incredibly intense waves of pins and needles in the left side of my face only. It is not painful but extremely disorienting. It happens when I move too quickly, change positions, whenever I sneeze or wash/rub my face. I also often feel a specific spot of tightness on the left side of my head always in the same spot above my ear closer to my face, as if someone were pushing their fingertip on it.

I recently saw my neurologist again, he was very dismissive and said the pins and needles were most likely due to blood pressure changes and not neurological so he had me tested for BPPV which didn't show any changes in my blood pressure. And again I left with no answers.

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