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Worsening Right Abdominal Pain.

I have had recurring lower right Abdominal pain, which first originated in March 2005. The first time the pain was a 10 on the pain scale. It was acompanied by nausea. They thought it might be appendicitis but then ruled against that. They then diagnosed kidney stones. However the pain never completely went away which made the doctors rethink their diagnosis and then amend it by saying that they did not know the cause. Sometimes I can barely feel it and sometimes it is so bad that I can't stand the pain. With in the past few days the pain in my lower right abdomen has been getting worse. It also feels a little bit different. It is in the lower right abdomen. It is more severe and the only thing that makes it better is laying in one position and not moving. It is accompanied by nausea and I am feeling a bit lethargic. . I am in the military and have been shuttled from one doctor to another and do not have a primary care physician. I am not sure if this is a recurrance of the pain I have had since March or if it is something new. Is there anything you can recommend?
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I presume you are asking if there is a neurological cause to your abdominal pain, as this is a neurology and neurosurgery forum

There are not many neurological conditions that can cause abdominal pain and nausea, more commonly these symptoms are due to non-neurological causes

Migraine can cause abdominal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting and potentially resultant pain. There is usually a good history of headache, and migrainous features from an early age.

Although very rare, acute intermittent porphyria is a genetic condition that can cause attacks of acute pain, and also neuropathy or psychiatric disorders. It can be tested for by a blood and urine test.

Pain that localized to one area can in fact be from a problem in a different area, due to the layout and connections of the nerve pain fibers, termed 'referred pain'. Pain in the right lower area of the abdomen could potentially come from the upper abdomen or pelvis also.

I cannot substitute for a formal medical opinion, so it is very important to keep following with your own doctors.
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Check out your gall-bladder.  Maybe you have some kind of gallstone.
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not too scare you but maybe you should get a colonscopy and make them check for polyps
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Have you had a pelvic/abd ultrasound? It would show if there were any kind of cysts, lesions, or adhesions.
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