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Wydase Injection

  I will be having a Wydase Injection next week. This is suppose to remove scar tissue from one of my surgeries.  I will see if if helps with my chronic pain as I remain on several medications.  Also I wonder why Norco keeps me awake at night but Vicodin does not.  I also take Baclofen and Paxil.  Thanks for any helpful input.  
I'm sorry about the late response. I imagine by now you've had the injection procedure. I hope it went well.
I am not familiar with Wydase, and I gather from the lack of response of my colleagues that they are not either.
It sounds like your chronic pain problems are complex. As a neurologist, I sometimes see patients with chronic pain. My job is to determine if there is a neurologic cause that might be directly treatable. If a reversible cause is not identified, I usually refer people to chronic pain clinics, where the emphasis is not so much on the diagnosis but in bringing relief.
If you are past the point of wondering what your diagnosis is, then a pain clinic may be quite helpful. I suspect the Wydase was prescribed through one. Unfortunately, I'm not able to make any more specific comments to guide you.  Good luck. CCF MD mdf.

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