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Zoning out

For years now I've been experiencing "zoning out" where, when it occurs may last any from 2-10 seconds. Sometimes I can feel it coming on and can shake my head or blink rapidly to snap out of it but other times it comes on all of a sudden. Some days it doesn't happen at all and others it may happen a few times. It will occur more if I'm tired or stressed, which I am often tired.

It was only at the beginning of this year that I decided to see my GP about it, it was very emotional for me to discuss but she advised me to have some blood tests and a MRI scan, which I did. I initially thought these could be absence seizures but they were ruled out when the MRI scan came back normal and the blood tests were fine, revealing only that I had a thyroid issue. The GP has recommended I see a Neurologist but am afraid of what it could be. I just want to stop zoning out. It's embarrassing when others notice, especially when it happens mid conversation. I'm mostly afraid that they're going to find something worse or take away my drivers license (I understand why they would, but I've never been involved in a car crash and rely heavily on driving myself)

For the past three days though these "zoning out" symptoms have increased to more than 10 a day which scares me. I don't know why they've suddenly increased so significantly. Please, if anyone could shed some light on what this could be or even if anyone is experiencing the same thing that would be great. Feeling pretty vulnerable and alone right now.

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I came to this discussion forum via the search phrase of "zoning out." I hope that you have found a diagnosis and improvement in your condition.

My 13 year-old son has brief periods - and not on all days as you mention - where he seems to zone out or "go into his head" for the same duration of 2-10 seconds.  Something seems to take control of him and its rather strange.  It seems to happen more during play or physical activity.

During this period, he is unresponsive and will not answer a question. Others might think that he is being inconsiderate, and I want to talk to my son and give him a big hug if has felt embarrassed during these spells.   I believe he is unable to answer my question and when I ask him what just happened, he can't answer.

It may relate to depression but also resembles the absence seizure described here but, after it passes,  he is back to being his jovial self, fully attentive and engaged.  

Does this sound like your experience?
Thank you for sharing with us. I hope that you can respond.
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If it is seizures there is no guarantee on how it will effect the rest of your life. Everything could be controlled by the proper medication or medications. As for the cost of seeing a specialist, that I cannot say. It depends on your insurance and how the medical system operates in Australia. For me it cost $70 every time I go for an office visit.
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Firstly thankyou so much for replying.
Secondly, I just thought an MRI would show atleast something.
I know it's important and I definitely don't want to live like this for the rest of my life (I'm 22yo) I just don't want to lose my independance. Do you know approx how much it would cost to see a specialist? Im studying, working and renting. Thankyou
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You need to go see a neurologist and have a EEG done. It does sound like you are having absence seizures to me. If all your GP did was have you get an MRI and run some blood work, that cannot tell if you are having seizures.

Don't worry about driving, finding out what is going on is more important. If it is seizures they might be able to control them with medication.
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