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a unheard seizure,please help

I had a normal and healthy pregancy and delivery.  I don't do any drugs, just a drink once in a blue moon.  My son is 2 now and has had a seizure type attack.  He has had them off and on (about 4) since the about 9m old.  The first was a vaccume started it.  The second was he got in the tub.  Nothing sets if off (noise,bang head, etc.) Hes awake and standing, he first  screams like he got hurt, he has little control of his body.  I hold him his heart is racing to fast, his eyes move back and forth, (both at the same time).  His eyes are always open and dilated.  He just had one, and he was running to the room I was in.  He was crying and did a sideways run in a circle, his eyes and heart doing the same.   (It is like he spins in a circle, but never does this when he get a seizure.)  
He doesn't like crowds with a lot of people or crowded in.  He clings on when in a elevator.  He doesn't like kiddie rides that goes in a circle. One small marry-go-round his eyes would start to move like he is dizzy from spinning.  
before a seizure happens
1.He is always turning and walking into things that are always there.  (Real bad perception.)  
2.He has great balance, but falls going down and up stairs.  
3. Drinks a lot of water very little juice
After he has one, he stops the above. he is fine?
He naps normal hours, eats healthy.. even salads!. No junk food or sweet only once a day. He is active and does spin,jump,play like other kids.
Other than this is a healthy and ahead with skills, speech, etc.  he has been to the ER as well.  He has had a EEG and came back normal, age 1.  He has seen a child Neurologist 2006. He just got his blood sugar checked, fasting 12 hrs. it was 86.  He said hes healthy boy.?
I have read every seizure known.  
Please give me a direction,not an answer, seams no one knows anything.    Have you heard any of these symptoms or know any other parent that has a child like mine?  please help.  thank you.
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Your post can put anyone in dilemma.
Obviously i cannot explain the seizures that follow an abnormal behavior and post seizures with no abnormal behaviour. Probably these could be  just coincidence.

An pediatric neurologist consultation should be on your cards right now.
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I have epilepsy, and I can't stand the sound of vaccuums.  They're well known for setting off seizures in epileptics.  I really think you should get a second opinion.  Get a copy of the original EEG, and take it to another doctor, and ask for a second EEG to be performed so the two can be compared.  Maybe it's just because he's so little and young that the readings aren't the same as with an adult.  Make sure to find a neurologist that will stick with you, and that you trust.  It took me a while to find one that would help me find the perfect medication for my type of epilepsy (juvenile myoclonic epilepsy - starts in childhood, permanent, consists of involuntary jerks of appendages and full-on tonic clonic/grand mal seizures).  Be wary of the medication Tegretol if you suspect my type of epilepsy, because it only makes them worse, despite the fact that it works wonders on most other types.  As for running into things, I do that a lot too.  I suppose it could be related, but I'm no professional.  Epilepsy is a very frustrating condition, and can end up causing a lot of emotional trauma, and has even been known to produce schizophrenic symptoms (because of neurons being, for lack of a better word, re-ignited, and memories are flashed into the present - I hear my name and see shadows fairly often).  It's difficult.  I wish you the best of luck.
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Thank you both for the info.  I have heard that moulars coming in can cause seizures also?  I has been a year since the last one he had.
Thanks again for all your time.
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