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adderall and a pain relief connection without doubt

Hi, I have already questioned my psychiatrist about this subject.  Back in April 2008, I had a very bad virus that had many, many symptoms.  I at this time also had started lowering my dosage of adderall from 60mg, to 40mg, to 20.  However I was experiencing a great deal of tachy, and palps, in phases.  I honestly related this to the virus as my son also experienced problems, and doesnt do caffeine or adderall.  I stopped the adderall completely really with no problem that I was aware of, however I did end up with every possible symptom of fibro, and then some.  Again I attributed this to the nasty virus.  However at the end of July, while unusually fatigued and in a great amount of pain, I had to get ready for a family vacation.  I decided to take 10mg of adderall, which worked, not only did it work, but the pain vanished, and I took 10mg for about 6 days.  I did not attribute any connection until after 6 days of not taking it the pain returned with a vengence.  After 3 days, I tried the adderall and like magic - no pain again.  Can anyone explain this phenomenon.  Did being on adderall for a year and a half create the fibro symptoms after completely off of it, and then after months of physical problems, taking a little relieved the horrible pain?  I find nothing on this, and my psychiatrist said it is not typical by any means.  However, this, in my personal case, is the honest to god truth.  To me it would seem very possible due to the brain chemicals involved, how does no one else see this?  I mean the standard treatment right now for fibro is a mega dose of a psychotropic. I know that these drugs are of different properties, but some properties are better for some people and worse for others.  This isnt exact science - yet.  I did not opt for the Lyrica because I am highly sensitive to chemical changes in the brain, expecially the antipsychotics and anti-depressants, really the list could go on.  As in they make me far, far worse, and I dont mean weight gain.  I just find it hard to beleive that I could be the only person in the world that has experienced this "miracle" - again not the fatigue, the pain.  GONE.  As far as psychiatric, if interested, I have ptsd, and some anxiety.  Not bipolar, or schitzophrenic.  Just a basic physical mess since the April, unknown virus.   Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and hopefully enlightening.
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Hello I have the same pain relief from Adderall. It's like magic.
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I have found the same miraculous type effectiveness in using 60mg of Adderall per day.

My story is like this:
Struggled with ADHD symptoms big time while growing up, parents refused to acknowledge their child had a "mental condition", finally sought help on my own at age 19. Having been accident prone while growing up, I wound up with chronic back, knee, and shoulder pain that I couldn't get under control, which caused depression. My first psych was fantastically thorough, but there was a lot of trial and error before he started me on the Adderall. Not only did it improve my symptoms of ADHD, it somehow completely alleviated the pain I'd been living with in my lower back and joints for so long. Dosage was gradually increased to 60mg, and I was perfectly functional, mentally and physically, on that dose for 6 great years. Got pregnant, however, and had to stop taking it entirely. Shortly after my son was born, I was prepared to begin the regimen again when my psych passed away. Had to go find another one. The new one I started seeing looked at my old file, talked to me for maybe ten minutes and then told me that my last psych had no idea what he was doing with me; my diagnoses were all wrong, I was on the wrong meds, etc. So, suddenly I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, taken off the lamictal and effexor I was taking in place of the Adderall, put on depakote, celexa, clonazepam, trazadone, and cymbalta, then told that Adderall is not a pain medication and I should never have been on it in the first place. Well, I trusted her, but I started feeling the absolute worst I ever had in my life, both mentally and physically. She refused to acknowledge that her regimen was no good and said I just had to give it more time. Gave it 3 years and 6 failed jobs. Finally went to my primary care doc, explained it all to him, and he took pity on me by prescribing 10mg Adderall, but won't increase the dose, as he's not a psych. And I'm grateful, don't get me wrong, but it's not enough. I've seen two doctors since then, trying to get someone to understand that Adderall has a mechanism that's very effective at treating severe chronic pain, and is safer than opioid meds, hoping they will not only help me, but get a bunch of doctors to look into it more so when people like us go to our docs and sing the praises of having finally found elusive relief with this stuff, they actually listen and consider it before writing them off as crazy. They need to do a study on this so badly. It could help SOOO many people to actually physically function and regain a quality of life that they actually enjoy.
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