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my 5 yr old son has absence seizure epilepsy and suspected adhd wat iv red bowt adhd is also nuero is that true
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Hi there.

I believe ADHD is more of a psychologic developmental condition though an organic neurologic cause (something anatomical) can also be considered.  The good news is, both of these conditions: absence seizure and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, may be outgrown by the time the child reaches puberty to early adulthood.  For now, medications should control the symptoms and psychosocial support can tame the manifestations of adhd as well.  Regards and God bless...
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hi paulMD my son hasnt been diagnosed yet with adhd but thats what i need help in hes had problems with his behavour from the agae of 3 ive been to my gp and to my sons school about his behavour as hes seeming to get worse and worse as each week goes by my gp told me that i would have to see his school teachers so that they can refer him to an educational phschologist which they did but for some reason they are putting my sons behaviour down to him wanting attention but my son gets more than enough attention from me its really hard work as ive got another 3 children besides him it all started when my son was kicked out on nursery after putting a dinner knife up to another childs throat in schooland alsobeing cheeky to the teacher and from there on hes continued to have problems with his behaviour where he will hit people and not think anything of it where hes very hyperactive hes really restless he cant keep still for no longer than 5 minuites all the symptoms hes showing me are the syptooms of adhd but i just need the help to get him diognosed but nobodys seeming to understand what me and my son are going through
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Make an appointment with a child psychologist. A Dr. can administer a test to find out whether your son has it or not. Unfortunately, their are many young and old that are incarcerated for their behavior and they didn't or were not givin a proper diagnosis of ADHD and they acted out impulsively and was held accountable for their actions. Their negative consequences could been prevented by being on the right medication. It's a sad disorder especially for those that go undiagnosed. Good luck to you and your son. Make and appt. to see a DR. today!
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