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adolescent migraine

Posted By pat kuhner on July 08, 1997 at 16:25:50:

My son Dan has been diagnosed with migraines for approx. 5 yrs.. He is now
almost 13. He is seeing a neurologist who currently has him on Depakote
500mg BID and he uses a variety of PRN meds for break through headaches
including Imitrex, po and im, Advil and tylenol #3. Depakote is the 4th
daily med he's been on but he seems to develop a tolerance to each drug.
Then they'd increase the dose until he reached the max and then begin
something else. I know this is not the max dose of depakote but he is still
having headaches and I'm worried we will be going through the same thing
again. Can you give me some possible treatment options and may be the names
of some headache specialists in the Albany NY area. Thank You!
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