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alcohol and seizure meds

My husband has occasional seizures.  He's had them off and on most of his life but now they are getting more frequent and are worse seizures.  He' 41.   He currently takes Keppra twice daily and is on high blood pressure medicine (both of which have just been increased).  He also takes Lorazepam for "emergencies" when he feels a seizure coming on.  My concern is that his doctor may not fully understand how much he drinks (alcohol).  I'm wondering if this can interfere with his medicine or if it can cause seizures.  He drinks at least 6 - 8 beers and night and will mix in 6 or so shots of bourbon or whatever we have in with that.  He says the only time he's not worried about having a seizure is when he's drunk.  I'm concerned that his liver will not be able to cope with the alcohol and the meds he's taking.  He has already been diagnosed with a fatty liver and has had a liver biopsy that didn't turn into anything.  He talks about how lack of sleep will cause him to have a seizure, but I've read that alcohol keeps you from getting the deep sleep you need and that means he's not getting the right amount of sleep ever (since he drinks every day).  I'm also concerned that his meds are not being properly absorbed by his body since the alcohol is there as well.  I've asked him what the doctor says about the alcohol, but he just blows me off or changes the subject which leads me to believe that he's not asking the question or the doctor doesn't understand how much he drinks.  This is affecting our marriage as he now has anger management issues and is not a very nice person to live with most of the time.  He thinks everything is fine - probably because he doesn't remember that I'm mad at him?  I don't know, but I need some help - any suggestions?  Can someone tell me that he should not be drinking at all?  He's going into the hospital in a few weeks for a test - they will hook him up to monitors and back off his meds to see if he has a seizure, but I'm wondering how no alcohol for those few days will affect him or alter his test.
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He's had every test they can seem to give him and no doctor can figure out what is causing the seizures - every test shows nothing.
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Have you heard of Alcohol withdrawal seizures ? When you don't get alcohol for even a day, the body starts showing withdrawal symptoms like tremors. Some people are more prone to seizures than others, for unknown reasons.

I think your husband has Alcohol withdrawal seizures. The ultimate aim of the treatment will be to take him off alcohol, slowly and steadily.

The doctors probably want to note seizure activity in his brain when he is not drinking.

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