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amyloidosis of the heart

  my 84 year old father has amyliodosis which is restricted to his heart (not systemic) causing arterial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat)and a slightly enlarged heart. he gets out of breath easily doing things he's always done easily- walk 2 miles and swim laps, which he still does until he tires.  Is there research being done?  are there any doctors in the US that specialize in this condition? are there treatments? what is the prognosis? is it heredtary? thanks for your time and concern!!
Dear Debbie:
Amyloidosis of the heart is usually NOT associated with neurological problems, such as neuropathy, or amyloidosis of the blood vessels of the brain. Typical cardiac problems from amyloidosis are atrial fibrillation, atrial standstill, and a restrictive problem with the pumping action of the heart. My knowledge about cardiac amyloidosis is limited; I do not know of any specific treatment for this disorder other than symptomatic treatment of the atrial arrhythmia and ventricualr dysfunction.
Questions related to amyloidosis of the heart are best directed to a cardiologist. An appropriate site on the internet to post such a question may be the Cleveland Clinic Cardiology Forum in the Medhelp website. The Cleveland Clinic cardiology department is one of the foremost academic cardiology departments in the world, both in research as well as in patient care.

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