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avm in left parietal lobe

Here's my background first: I am a 16 year old female who is active in sports and in relativly good shape. I have had episodes for the past couple of years where my vision will go away and ill have a loud ringing/buzzing in my ears and nausea followed by a headach. I have also have a history of migranes. I went to a pediatric neurologist a couple weeks ago and he thought i had complex migranes but wanted to be sure so i got an mra and mri and am scheduled for an eeg next week. the mri came back with arteriovenous malformations in my left parietal lobe. my neurologist now wants me to go see a nerosurgeon and i have an appointment with him in mid february. my mom is a rn and works in a neurologists office...i have never met the doctors but she brought my films in and they think that i will have surgery to have them removed.

i have accepted the fact that surgery is a very real possibility, but i am really scared, maybe its too much greys anatomy...for the type of surgery to remove avm will they keep me awake? what kind of recovery am i looking at? i am a varsity starter on my water polo team, will i still be able to play? will the complex migranes go away after the surgery?

thanks for all the help, i could realy use some answers.
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I was diagnosed in 2005 with an AVM after suffering from migraines after a bad car accident. 3 months after I was diagnosed I had Gamma Knife surgery and have since been cleared of any sign of the AVM. I was diagnosed with a 2.9 by 2.5 cm lesion in the left parietal side also. My AVM was on the larger side and they did not want to treat me with Gamma knife originally. They wanted to get an embolization and then have the Gammaknife surgery, I chose to take my chances with Gammaknife and I am so happy with the outcome. As of now I am still on the watch to make sure none of the AVM has returned, I'm still kind of paranoid that it may still be there and not showing up on the MRI. But I was very happy with the way things turned out for me.

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask
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so i had my gamma knife radiation on march 14th. open surgery was not an option because of the location. mine was 3 cm by 1.5 cm i believe
the gamma knife went pretty good, ecept for the angiogram...wat a nightmare
the actual radiation was 2 and a half hours long but i took a break about halfway thru.

i go back for an mri and visit in about one month, i am very nervous that a tumor will grow, even tho i kno the chances are very low. I also am very nervous wat will happen if it doesnt go away...

how long did yours take to go away?
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