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a.v.m information ?

I notice there are not many (or none at all) discussions or articles about a.v.m's.
(Arterio veinous malformations)
I recently discovered i suffer from this condition and am due to receive stereotactic radiosurgery(gamma knife) treatment for this.
There are not many people out there that seem to suffer from this and the ones that have no longer seem to be around. If there is anyone out there with any information regarding anything to do with these, please post a reply.
My main areas of interest are to do with the treatment follow up after receiving the radio therapy. What effects this had on the rest of your physiology and how and if it has impacted on your life. The a.v.m i have is in my right hand thalamus, quite an important piece of brain architecture !!!!! I am a little concerned about what will happen (if anything)to my motor functions etc and senses. As far as i can determine, the thalamus deals with everything and acts as a relay station for these commmand and functions. CAN IT re-route information after it has been treated. As i understand the treatment will OBLITERATE an area of the thalamus. This is a little daunting....ANY INFO WOULD BE GOOD!!!!!!!!
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Thalamic AVM's can be treated with surgery, gamma knife or embolization. The best treatment option depends upon the size, location, and draining pattern of your particular AVM. Therefore, without seeing your scans and angiogram, I would not be able to provide more information on the optimal treatment. Regarding the thalamus, you are correct it is an important structure in the brain. Certain areas of the thalamus serve different functions. The more anterior or front piece has motor functions, and the posterior or back piece has sensory functions. It also has some role in memory, however most people can have memory damage on the non-dominant (side without language, usually the right side) with out problems. Therefore without knowing where the AVM is, and what is to be radiated, I can not predicit what deficits you may incur. This should have been explained to you by the doctor, and I would recommend you contact them to ask these specific questions. If an area of the thalamus is injured it typically does not re-route. Good luck.
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Sorry I dont know anything about this but good luck and please let us know how u are doing.
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Sorry I am not much help.I too have an avm and have been to a Neurosurgeon in my town and he got me an appointment to see a Dr in   Ohio the 10th of December.                     If you can give me any answers, I sure would appreciate it. How has it affected you and what are your symptoms?
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Thank you all for your replies...
I am grateful for all info recieved.....
Due for radiosurgery on 9th dec....so heres hoping...
Further info....
I didn't know i had an avm till i colllapsed after suffering a haemorrage. After diagnosis and the initial bleed i can still function normally and go about my daily life, though the thought is now a predominant feature of my life that i might have another one or not...
At the time it happened my memory was scrambled, a 'groundhog day' experience occurred for around 48 hours where repetition of events occured and was exteremely frustrating. After this subsided i am back to 'normal'. I dont get headaches though i suffered from (and still suffer from)quite bad tinnitus. It doesn't affect me badly....
My main topic of concern is that, the avm i have is quite small, located next to or in my right thalamus. My quality of life is not compromised by the avm, which brings me to the point of thinking that, if i am living a reasonable quality of life, why risk radiating the interior of my brain??? Which brings me to the argument that tore me apart for a few months that in the mortality bracket of 5 - 15 % per annum is it worth risking losing my quality of life, still have an avm, and then have another bleed. If any sensory functions are affected then i would rather have a few more years of good quality life and run the risk of a bleed, or get radiotherapy, end up cabbaged(excuse my expression) and still suffer a bleed. The predicament leads me to think that i would be better off just living my life and gamble with fate. Family pressure has forced me towards getting the treatment and i am going ahead with it. I am a successful engineer in the field of electronics and am technologically 'clued up'!! I Hope....
Anyway, thanks again for your replies ,i'll be updating this page regularly, so if anyone has any more info(i cant get enough)please dont hesitate to reply......till then.....
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A recent family situation led me to this page;  but, when I noticed your message on a.v.m. information, I felt I must reply.
My story is a success story, inasmuch as I had undergone brain surgery eight and a half years ago and I'm still here to talk about it.
Mine a.v.m. was located in the frontal lobe on the right hand side of the brain. I had a bleed.The unset of my difficulties manifested itself by behavioral changes culminating in granmal seizures. I was rushed unconscious to local hospital's Trauma Center by ambulance, tested (CAT scan, MRI etc).
This revealed first indication of a preexisting condition, a.v.m.'s. While waiting for the swelling to go down, We were contacted by and consulted with the nurosurgeon. He explained that the area in which the bleed had occured was now dead tissue and had to be removed (scoopped out:-) as he phrased it!  After much prayer we decided to go through with the surgery successfully.  The only adverse effect was, short-term memory loss and pressure.
Shortly after my surgery it was discovered that I have additional a.v.m.'s (on both sides of my head.  It was decided to just monitor them.  I have been doing well. My doctor considered the fact that I lived through this was a miracle.
I will praying for you, please keep us updated.
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thank you all for your help!!!
I have just received my radiotherapy and am doing o.k.
The procedure was a bit uncomfortable, though in the knowledge that i am doing something to combat the illness, strangely satisfying!!!
My stress and anxiety is now at a more tolerable level and i am just trying to get my life back to normal now....
At the moment i don't have enough time to personally reply to all but i'll make an effort over the next few weeks.....
I have a dammmed sore head, but thats due to the the torque of the bolts that secured the frame..
Regards to all, thank you !!!!
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Dear Neltek, Glad to hear your doing o.k. after radiotherapy.  Just take each day, step by step at a time.  Thanks for the update; Your in my prayers; life has its trial. but God gives peace through any storm. Keep us posted. Bart
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