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back pain

I injured my back about 2 wks ago now.  It started with burning searing knife stabbing pain under my left shoulder blade.  Other symptoms were feelings of indigestion, felt like something was stuck in my back, it would also hurt on my left side in the rib cage area and under the left breast.  I could not stand or sit for any extended period of time (more than 10 min.) before the pain became unbearable.  We have a pool in the backyard I could be in the pool and feel no pain.  Also, I could lay down and get the pain back under control.

On the 5th day my husband tried to give me a back massage.  He said he felt some sort of lump and when he rubbed it it moved.  When he did this I felt a jolt go all the way through me.  It wasn't a painful jolt just a jolt.  I decided at this time I could stand the pain no longer so we went to the ER.  Once at the ER they took my history took a chest xray and an EKG and told me  I had back sprain.  Sent me home with Flexeril and hydrocodone.  I have had a back sprain before and never felt like this before.  I still feel pain.

Now a new symptom has appeared.  I have cold sensation spreading through my legs and arms.  I have tried to start walking short distances again and even on the Hydrocodone I am in tears.  I have always considered myself someone to have a high tolerance for pain as I had 3 kids with no pain meds.

Thank you
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How did you get injured?
Also did you undergo an X ray or ultrasound of the injured part of your back?
It is possible that the bump in the back is a hematoma due to back injury.
I would suggest you to please get an X ray or a CT scan of the injured part to rule out any nerve injury.
The cold sensations could be because of a past viral infection or even due to peripheral neuropathy.
Please schedule an appointment with a physician and undergo a complete neurological exam. Do keep us posted!
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I too was told by a doctor that I have a upper back sprain, strain.  It to was a severe pain in my shoulder area.  He give me muscle relaxers and pain killers and told me if in two weeks it was not better to come back for more tests.  It subsided for a couple of days and now is my arm is in severe pain.  I have sharp pains in my neck that migrate or immediately radiate into my wrist.  Almost feels as if my arm is broken.  Also my right index finger has been numb from day one with no sign of recovery.  I have absolutely no strength left in this arm.  I can barely hold my arm up.  Also, I cannot lie down in a bed.  Just to painful...  Of course, I have no insurance and cannot afford to go to a specialist.  All the while, I have still been working and yes my job consists of having to sometimes pickup extremely heavy product.
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