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blood test results

I got blood work done.they are testing for MS and lime disease.  i cant see a doctor for another 2 months because they are so busy. can you tell me what this all means? im 24 years old:

*MY RESULTS-  GFR  >60  mL/min/1.73 sqm

Notes for GFR:
1. Multiply result by 1.21 if patient is black/African
2. Chronic kidney disease: 5.8 ng/mL
Folate Deficiency: <4.0 ng/mL

*MY RESULTS  Vitamin B12  517    180 - 914  pg/mL
Indeterminate 145-180 pg/mL
Deficiency <145 pg/mL
Some patients with low serum B12 (cobalamin) levels do not
appear to be deficient in cobalamin. Serum B12 is low normal
in a small number of patients with cobalamin deficiency. In
complex or borderline cases, evalutaion of serum methylmalonic
acid and serum total homocysteine may be of value, along with
serum intrinsic factor antibody.

*MY RESULTS  Thyroid Stimulating Hormone  1.13     0.34 - 5.60      uIU/mL
Free T4  0.75   0.61 - 1.12  ng/dL

*MY RESULTS   Sedimentation Rate   22      0 - 10    mm/Hr  H
FOR OUTPATIENT SPECIMENS: Results may be falsely decreased due
to delay in testing time. Optimal specimen is tested within

*MY RESULTS  RBC Count    4.06       4.20 - 5.40      M     L
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I was in the mid stages of dementia and have permanent nerve damage and my B12 serum was 165pg/mL. Suffice to say the B12 serum reference ranges your lab has listed are absurd and that is an understatement.  Your B12 result of 517pg/mL would be classed as vitamin B12 deficiency in Europe and Japan. Labs start around the 550pg/mL range.  I highly recommend sublingual B12 spray.

ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) indirectly measures how much inflammation is in the body.  It is a screening test and cannot be used to  diagnose a specific disorder.  Inflammation can occur with conditions such as anaemia, pregnancy, kidney disease, thyroid disease, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, infections to name a few.

The number of red blood cells are decreased in anaemia; bone marrow failure; haemorrhage (bleeding); malnutrition; erythropoietin deficiency (secondary to kidney disease); haemolysis due to transfusion; blood vessel injury, or other cause; leukemia; multiple myeloma; nutritional deficiencies of iron, copper, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6; hereditary anaemias, overhydration, pregnancy.
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The first result has to do with how well your kidneys are functioning.  GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate.  Yours is above 60, which means your kidneys are not failing basically.  

Your result for vitamin B12 is in normal range.  If you've been tired, the doctor may have tested that to see if it came back low, which can be a cause of tiredenss.  But it did not.

The pituitary hormone that helps to regulate your thyroid function, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) is right within normal range, as is your thyroid hormone, free T4 that they measured.  

Your RBC is your red blood count and it came back in normal range.

The sedimentation rate, also known as ESR or erythrocyte sedimentation rate, is a nonspecific disease indicator, particularly of conditions of inflammation.  Taber's medical dictionary (and I've had a doctor who felt the same way about it) doesn't think it is a screening that is useful.  There was a doctor who said if you had a hangnail, your ESR could go up!  

That said, your sedimentation number looks to be outside the normal range for outpatients.  Taber's says an elevation of the sedimentation rate that is not explained most often is transitory and serious disease is rarely the cause.

Have they done an MRI of your brain and or spine in checking for MS yet?  Also, I don't see the result in testing for Lyme's?  See PM for more info on Lyme's diagnosing.
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Oh, and also I think one of my parents was tested for B 12 in regards to peripheral neuropathy (turned out low B 12 was not the issue).
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i just got the last few test in:

*my results-        Lyme Disease Ab Screen  NEG   negative
                           Lyme Interpretation   NEG   Negative

When a Lyme Antibody screen is positive,
a Lyme IgG/IgM western blot is added.
A negative result does not exclude B. Burgdorferi
Lyme serology (IgG and IgM) may remain negative during
the first two weeks of illness and may remain negative
if antibiotic treatment is started promptly. By 4 to 6
weeks, 70 to 80% of infected patients will seroconvert.
Effective 7/20/2009: method changed to a chemiluminescent
Test performed by: Central PA Alliance Laboratory
1803 Mount Rose Avenue, Suite C3-C4
York, Pa 17403
Phone: 717-851-1416
Peter C. Cote, MD, Medical Director

-im guessing this is Negetive as it says

*my results     Folate Serum  >24.8   ng/mL

Reference Range: >5.8 ng/mL
Folate Deficiency: <4.0 ng/mL

*my results
Glucose (serum)  104   range 65 - 100   units: mg/dL  flag: H
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I am scheduled to get an MRI of the brain and neck on Friday to look for MS
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Good news about it coming back negative for Lyme's disease!    And evidently you are not folate deficient!

Were you fasting when you got the blood sample drawn?  If you had eaten quite recently, 104 may not be abnormal at all.  If you were fasting, that number is obviously slightly above the normal range & the doctor should order a follow up test (if he/she did not run it at the same time) of an HgA1c (also known as HbA1c) test which gives a broad view of how you are doing as far as sugar in your body- it can tell for a period of months rather than a snapshot in time like the serum glucose test you got done.

I'm glad they ordered the MRI for you.  I'd be interested in what you find out if you'd care to share!
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i wasnt necessarily fasting but it was awhile before since i ate, not on purpose.

do any of those signs of the blood test show a chance for MS?

thanks for all your input!!
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Well, just to be on the side of caution, your doctor may want to order an HgA1c to get a bigger picture.  I don't believe your blood sugar number in that instance even falls into the criteria of pre-diabetes, but the HgA1c would tell more about how you're doing.  Peripheral neuropathy is a common problem in those with diabetes, so if you have the neuropathy, they might have been testing your blod sugar to try to rule diabetes out.  On the other hand, it's a common test in general, even if you aren't having a bunch of alarming symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy that might make a doctor want to rule diabetes out.

One website says there is no definitive blood test for MS (see PM).  Another mentions blood tests as part of the diagnostic work-up, but doesn't spell out what they are.  They do mention vitamin deficiencies can mimic MS, so your vit. B tests that you got may have been checking up on that angle. (See PM for more info.)

Also, you might find a lot of people on the following medhelp forum who can give advice and guidance regarding MS:
3191241 tn?1345032381
thanks for the info!
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