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brain death

Are cases of brain death caused by a defect in the brain stem? And I want an accurate description of the causes of brain death or what happens in the brain stem when a person dies brain
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I was in a a severe car accident in 2018 and the only people hurt were me, myself and I.
My spine snapped in 4 places and my skull split open on the left hand side
The side that makes decisions for you.
So I have a question on that specific place of injury.
My doctors Nor my surgeons seem to have a good enough answer to why I am able to speak and think correctly, I can’t walk though, my healing has gone incredibly well and the surgeon claimed over and over again that I would wake up from the car wrecks deep coma that lasted only three weeks, I would wake up mentally retarded and or braid dead, I woke up and in two weeks I was back to normal. I had kept taking out the neck instrument that was supposed to of helped me breath again but it only got in the way of my breathing so it itching and blocking out most of my normal breathing causing me to take it out so much they had to strap me down to the hospital bed. It was like my body was possessed until I remember a week after I woke up
But while I was in the coma and for a week after I woke up from the coma, I bit and hit my grandma (she raised me so technically she is my mother)
Sweetest woman on this planet, why would I be so evil to her and most everyone else while I was “incompetent”?
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May I ask why you are asking this question? Brain death can happen when the blood or oxygen supply to the brain is stopped. This can be caused by: cardiac arrest – when the heart stops beating and the brain is starved of oxygen. a heart attack – when the blood supply to the heart is suddenly blocked. Strokes also can cause this. ** A major traumatic head injury can also cause this. Brain tumors or a brain infection like encephalitis can also be the culprit.  Blood clots can cause this. Brain stem death is basically when the person shows no sign of brain stem function and has lost the possibility of gaining consciousness again. This is what is referred to as a vegetative state. Again, I'm wondering why you are asking this question and if we can narrow down the information you need.
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