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my husband had a brain anuersym he had his surgery where they went in and clipped it.Now he is having twitching on his right side where he also suffered 2 strokes the twitching comes an goes but is bothering what causes this an will it ever go away. they are treating him with seizer medicine but it was never confirmed that he was having seizers. he was hooked up to electrods on his scalp but it didnt show him of having any seizers
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Hi Freeman,
How is your husband now?
Where were the aneurysms present? Which part of the brain?
How is the twitching, brief period or long?
Any breathing difficulty is there during the twitching?
Can you stop these twitching if you hold his hand?
If after clinical examination, doctors have thought as he is having seizures, then it is judicious to start anti-seizures medicine.
I think EEG and a scan should help him to arrive at a diagnosis.
Alternatively, response to anti-seizures will help in deciding whether he had seizures.
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Were the seizures present before surgery was performed?  Seizures can sometimes occur as a complication of brain surgery.  This is why anti-seizure medications are routinely given to all patients who have undergone brain surgery. It serves as a precaution to prevent this complication.

Although the initial EEG may have been unremarkable, the clinical presentation and need for prophylaxis is what probably prompted your husband's physicians to start him on anti-seizure medication.

Hope this helps.
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the brain aneursym was at the front right base of the brain. he never had seizers before this. the twitching comes an goes it seems like they star in his neck an go to his arm and hand an if you try to hold his arm down to try to get it to quit it wont work they last about 5 to 6 minutes an then quits. maybe a hour or 2 it comes back. they are giving him kepra dont know if i spelled it right its a seizer medicine. the seizer medicine dont seem to help we are in iowa city hospital i dont know what i think about some of the doctors i dont think they know . he has had a stroke but nothing we cant over come i just want to make sure im doing everything i can to get him the best treatment. i dont want him to have another stroke. thank you
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my husband also had a stroke after his brain surgery. 2 of them he is not moving his left side but if you pinch him he withdraws will he ever regain his mobility. an if so how long does this process take? I think he is doing well considering the nature of the brain surgery. his pressure in his head is running about 9-10 so i think he is doing very well he has a tube in his head keeping track of the pressure an they are keeping his blood pressure high thank you
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i have another question he was doing vey well for the last 2 days. they started to take him off the ventalater hours at a time. one day he was off for about 6hrs,then the next day he was off for 12hrs. and today he as off for about 6hrs an they had to put him back on because he was tired. now he is sleeping all day having a hard time staying awake but still following commands but alot slower. i had him awake for about 15 minutes an then he went back to sleep. he was exercising his arm for me and his leg but then he goes to sleep. the doctors been in and are not really doing anything or saying anything. because he is still following commands. im worried something is wrong.or is he just tired from working so hard off the vent.im scared for him please advise what should i do? send him to another hospital? the only bad thing about this is where we live this is the only hospital that deals with head trauma. and i dont want to do nothing stupid. the doctors really dont talk to  much no news is good news i guess.i think they get fustrated with me because i hound them all the time so i quit. but now i wonder i dont want them to miss treat him beacuse im a pest.thank you for listening please advise me thanks
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Im still waiting and wishing someone will answer me. i knew something was wrong my husband has fluid on the other side of his brain which made his brain swell. which made his brain shift about 6mm the doctors increased his blood pressure and lifted his head up alittle more to see if his body would absorb some of the fliuid. is this common?they still dont know why he is so tired .does anyone think they know the answer please reply if you can advise.
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my husband had surgery again because he had fluid build up on the opposite side he had surgery on. so they put a couple holes on the left side an another tube where they had did surgery.so he has two tubes draining fluid.  before this surgery he slept all the time. now after the surgery he is awake but it seems like he is in space. does fluid cause brain damage? or is maybe this is away he is saying he is really tired? he has been through alot. how long will it take before he is responding again? does fluid cause the brain to swell?how long does it take for the swelling to go down? if he has swelling this could be why it is hard for him to respond? He also is running alittle bit of a fever.
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my husband had a brain aneursym rupture on nov14 he had it clipped. he is 41 yrs old he has had 3 strokes on the side of the surgery. He will nerver probly use the left side again that dosent matter as long as he gets well to come home. He had a small bleed in his head that caused this but as of now
he is still following commands but weak. will these strokes ever quit? Why is he having bleeds to cause them? He wakes up and watches tv but he seems very tired he knows we are there.they are keeping his blood pressure around150to160. Will this make the bleeds in his head get worse?the stroke affected the mobility of the left side they call that part of the brain it starts with a th but that is where the blood is but it is a small amount can you please answer these questions i need some advise

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