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broken coccyx - neck pain-chronic buttock and thigh cramps

I was given spinal pain injection 20 years ago for broken coccyx.Been OK till 1 1/2 years now. Treated 3 years ago for arm pain and neck pain(PT). PT helped.No arm pain but neck hurts lots and area in neck has numby feeling and back hurts a few inches further down.DR said something abt cervical vertibrae there not herniated but will.? Been trying to keep up with PT showed me abt way I hold my head and posture. But does not help the pain. Started having dizzy spells. Never falling. Head spinning when looking up(such as at the library looking up for books)-dizzy in the dark-sensation of body spinning or something. Laying down never helped.Drs (PCP or Neurologist)never seemed too interested in that part of problem. Past year and half OK. I am type 2 diabetic and was in good control of my sugar levels during times of the dizziness and other visual sensations. Tail bone hurts badly doingmost anything.Coughing or going to do BM or sitting. 2 + years having muscle cramps in thigh area. Mostly right leg but sometimes left also. I do have osteoarthritis(degen.discs)need ankle braces for tendonosis. -osis not -itis. Back of worst akle(achilles tendon?) beginning to hurt greatly.On feet or off.Had MRI of both ankles. My sternum sometimes swells painfully. Rhematologist said it was chostochronditis? She also said I have Fybromyalgia. I must go get help for all this pain. Not a baby abt pain and hate pain pills. Almost at my limit here. What do I address first with my DR? How do I start or where do I start to tell her abt all this. Moved 1 1/2 years ago.FL to GA. Hurricanes to fires???
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After trauma to the back, arthritis (degenerative disease) is common.  You need a good neurologist exam and imaging, preferably MRI of the neck and back.

A broken coccyx (tailbone) often will flare up later in arthritis.  I doubt this pain has anything to do with the spinal injection 20 years ago, but with the fracture itself.  I, too, had a fractured coccyx, at age 12 and my first bout of arthritis in it at age 30.  You describe all the symptoms to a T!  The pain on sitting, severe pain will bowel movements, bearing down, coughing, snezzing, squeezing your anus tightly.  It's because all of these thing cause the local muscles to pull on the arthritic spot at the very base of your spine.  You need a "Tush Cush" a wedge-shaped pill to sit on that has a hole cut out for your tailbone.  It will give you some relief.  You can also buy a piece of 2" foam and cut a hole about 4-5" across to make one yourself.

I'm sick today, but want to discuss your dizziness which could easily be related to cervical spine disease or other things.  But don't use this forum to put off a trip to see a neurologist!

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