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chronic C7 radiculopathy

Had a EMG/NVC test showed "Chronic C7 radiculapathy"  I can not find any information regarding what this diagnosis means. Does anybody know.
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Hello dear and welcome to the medhelp forum. cervical radiculopathy is a condition where pain and neurological symptoms result from any condition irritating a nerve in the cervical spine. The causes for this nerve irritation could be a herniated disc at C7 level, spinal canal stenosis at that level, or degenerative disc disease. Symptoms at C7 level are pain and weakness from neck to hand, including muscle on back of the upper arms and the middle finger. You need to correlate these with your clinical findings. You may or may not be having the symptoms or there may be tingling, numbness and weakness also. Consult with your neurologist and the therapy would depend on the severity of symptoms and functional limitation. Wishing you all the best.
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Thank you for your response. I had a ACDF C5-C7 10/09 and given the diagnosis of "Chronic C7 radiculopathy without denervevation" 7/11- I have all the symptoms you described and have never had it explained, what it means in real terms and in the long run for my. My Md will not answer my questions about it and the neurologist just said it was "permanant nerve damage" and that I'm " not imaging it" That was the explanation.  Except for the EMG/NVC test my Md will not send me to a neurologist, so I have been left to find my on answer to why my arm is numb,feels weak and is painful most of the time. My right hand 2rd and 3rd fingers become numb tingly and difficult to control like spring boards of shock waves its hard to describe. Still thank you
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I myself have been searching to no avail for answers. I had undergone a C6-C7 ACDF with cage in Jan 2012, due to a rupture. I now, can not feel my left hands fingers, can feel palm of hand though, at first it was just the first 3 fingers, and have now lost feeling in the last 2 as well as pins and needles 24/7 from neck to fingers along with what feels like electricity shocks from neck to fingers most of the day and migraines, especially when I turn my neck to the right or if I tilt it backwards and my hand although I can not feel fingers, feel like a brick after the shock waves. I can move them somewhat,  and do not have a lot of control over them.  I was sent for an EMG,  and MRI. EMG results were Chronic C7 radiculopthy without active denervation "permanent nerve damage"  like a scar it never goes away, and in time my whole arm could and would  be affected.

MRI reveled I have a osteophyte on C5-6 impinging on my ventral cord narrowing my spinal cord. Surgery is not an option at this time due to recent surgery. Doing any surgery to correct the bone spur to relieve the impingement could do more damage to the nerve that is already damaged.

I too, felt like you when you tried to explain to the Dr your symptoms, it was like you were imaging them. I live it everyday and know for a fact it is all to real. Meds only help take the edge off or worsen the symptoms.

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