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chronic dizzieness, headaches after C-section

My 28 yr. old daughter has suffered from chronic dizzieness, headaches, and leg aches after giving birth to her son 3 years ago. She had a C-section with a spinal block anesthetic.  Her syptoms started almost immediately after the birth, and continued for the last 3 years.
She also suffers from severe anxiety, and has battled that for 14 years.  The dizzieness has gotten worse, and when the baby was younger she worried that she would fall down with him in her arms.  Now it has gotten to the point that her day to day life has been severly affected by it.  She is afraid to drive, ride in the car or go outside of her home. She was working for me and going to a Cosmetology college but had to quit both 6 months ago because of her fear of driving while dizzy.  I know that a part of her fear has do with her anxiety disorder, but I do believe that the dizzieness and headaches are real physical symptoms.  Unfortunately, these physical symptoms play havoc with her anxiety and her life has spiraled out of control. It is affecting her relationship with her fiance, her self esteem, her career, and limits her ability to spend quality time with her son.
She has talked to numerous Doctors, but no one seems to take her seriously.  She has experienced some heart palpitations recently and was seen by a cardiologist who put her on a 24 hour heart monitor.  No results back from that yet.  She is now pregnant again, and is absolutely terrified of the thought of having another child by C-section.  She believes her problems must have something to do with the spinal block, and does not want to have another one.
What are the possible long term side effects of the spinal block.....could that be a possible cause?  And, if so, can it be fixed?
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