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chronic neuropathy in my hand HELP!

Sorry this is going to be a long post i just want the most accurate help i can get so I'm going to explain it all.
In july 2014 i was coming to the end of a very abusive relationship i tried to kill myself with 100 sleeping pills in a park i way laying in the park with all my body weight 220lbs for about 48 hours until search and rescue found me. i was in a coma for about two weeks until i woke up after the over dose. it was only then they found out something was wrong with my left hand (because there was no physical indications on my skin it was injured) i woke up and was in extreme pain in my left hand they then knew something was wrong. a bunch of test were taken and ended up finding out i injured me median nerve because of the 48 hours i was in a coma laying on my hand compressing that nerve until they found me. i don't know what to do or what can help I've seen so many doctors and they all tell me they don't know when or if i will ever get better. my nerve is not served just injured so there is no surgery that can help me that i know of. i have no feeling or sensation of hot or cold in my thumb, pointer, middle and half of my ring finger (i have cut off hole chunks of my fingers not being careful cooking and didn't even notice till i saw blood i really have NO feeling in them anymore) i have little to no control or function of those finger even to this present day i do therapy on it every week and spend 10 or more hours a day trying to work on my fingers but have seen little improvement in my ability to move or control those fingers anymore. i also have the typical neuropathy symptoms such as numbness, burning, tingling, tightness, stabbing sensations, pins and needles and almost a shock feeling shooting up my hand its miserable it never goes away its constant 24 hours of the day its so bad it prevents me from sleeping. has anybody ever had anything similar to this happen what can i do to stop the constant everyday pain and will i ever be able to use my fingers again are there medications that help? any other therapy i can try to get the function and feeling back in my finger? at this point money isn't a problem and i will try ANYTHING. its so bad i don't want to live with it and I've even considered amputation to stop the pain I'm going to give it one more year and if nothing changes I'm going to get my hand removed i don't wanna do that AT ALL but i can't physically live with this anymore its taking a toll on the rest of my body and mind. are there any doctors anybody can recommend anything? i live is seattle wa but will travel to any distance to have somebody fix me. if i missed anything feel free to ask will somebody just please help me or give me any ideas!!!!! for the picture i would sadly say I'm at a 2 1/2 and that hasn't changed sense july of 2014.
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