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complex migraine

My sister has recently been diagnosed with a complex migraine and has numbness in her left arm and her speech has been affected.  Nobody seems to know what to do, what causes this and what the timeframe is for her to regain her speech and total movement in her arm.  She has been hospitalized for 3 days and all they seem to do is send in therapist that tell her there is nothing they can do, they will send someone else.  

How do you know if she is ok to go home and be alright.

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I would seek a neurologist's opinion to rule out any other cause behind the symptoms of speech deterioration. Migraine is known to be associated with numbness, but is speech is affected, I would suspect a lesion in the cerebral cortex or the cerebellum. A transient ischemic attack would be on the list to be ruled out.

What did the MRI report say? Is the speech defect persistent?

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They have ruled out stroke, they have diagnosed that it is a complex migraine to the best of her knowledge.  The MRI stated no lesions or tumors or concern on the brain.  Her speech sounds like a stroke patient.  She has no loss of memory or trains of thought.  

Her left side is very sensitive even to air.  Her left arm is still numb but, leg has all the feelings back into it.  

What is the timeframe we should expect her to regain her speech.
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It seems other probably causes are pretty much ruled out. In such a case, we can consider the speech problem to be arising from the complicated migraine. Since the speech is like a stroke patient, it is probably slurred and discontinuous. I guess there is no loss of content and thoughts. The time period of the speech defect is not so long in complicated migraine, but it can last up to a couple of weeks. Your sister's looks like an unusual case.

With appropriate migraine control, she should regain her speech within a week. But given her prolonged speech deficit, she may take more time.

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I am a 46 y o female and I was in the hospital for 4 days with sudden onset slurred speech and heavy coordination with left side weakness. It appeared to be a stroke. On the 3rd night MY SPEECH RETURNED to normal except for now 8 weeks later I still have weakness that comes and goes. I also have pins and needles in waves down my legs less frequent as the days go by. My muscles randomly twitch slightly at night. I thought that my thinking was not changed in the hospital but when I try to explain things that requiring thinking on the fly- I stall slightly mid sentence although I don't have slurred, slow speech anymore. The Neurologist also said migraine after all else was ruled out. I am so thankful to have my speech back and that my left side weakness is so much better.
I was checked for Lyme disease and had a CT scan, mri-mra with contrast, and questioned if i had any exposures to toxins or chemicals. Have they done this for your mom? I will pray for her. Keep us posted.
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I realized you are talking about your sister not your mom. I am hoping the best for her. I know what she is going through. Encourage her to not be afraid and to think the best. Every time they rule out something like stroke or a bleed or a tumor, there is reason to be thankful.
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Thank you for you prayers.  They released her today from the hospital however, the headaches, numbness in face and left arm.  The have done CAT scans, MRI's and today they did EEG.  Her memory is there the words are hard to say for her.  I hope that changes soon.  What did they put you on?
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