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creepy crawling feeling in left arm

Over the last week, a new symptoms has come up. The creepy crawling feeling in my left arm, mainly in anterior portion, and there is also pain involved. The creepy crawling feeling and hypersensitivity drives me nuts.

I also have issues with back and neck pain and had CT, CT Myelogram and x-rays done. No MRI, because I have an Electrical Gastric Stimulator for Gastroparesis.

I also suffere from Migraine Headaches. Plus I wake up with severe pain every morning.

Medications are minimum, mainly Phenergan via IV to kep the nausea and vomting at bay. Also take Celebrex, and have Diazepam for muscle spasms. I can not tolerate Lyrica, Baclofen is of little help. I also have Vicodin 5/500, which I use sparengly. Many times, I receive Toredol 30mg IV and 1 mg Ativan IV. That seems to help some.

I keep trying Physical Therapy over and over again.

When I was in Mississippi, I also saw a Neuro-muscular specialist.

Here are the test results:
CT LUMBAR SPINE WITHOUT CONTRAST:  No defiinate central canal stenosid or significant ancroachment on CT  imaging. Facet hypertrophy, ligamentum flavum, and disk bulging is seen predominately at L3-4, L4-5, and L5-S1. Sclerotic margins to a lytic focus adjacant to the right S1 neural foramen in the right sacrum may represent a focus of fibrous dysplasia.
CT PELVIS WITHOUT CONTRAST:  Asymetric degenerative changes is seen in the right sacroliliac joint with osteophytic spurring noted. Given the slight difference in techniques, the lucent area adjacent to the medical aspect of the right S1 foramen appears relatively stable. It measures approximately 10mm in size. No new lesions are identified. Margin appears slgihtly sclerotic, but fairly well defined.
CT CERVICAL SPINE MYELOGRAM WITH CONTRAST:  Degenerative disc disease at C4-5 with osteophyte disc complex causing mild impingement of the dural sac bilaterially. Mild to moderate degenerative erosive disease involving the occipital condyle of C1.
WHOLE BODY BONE SCAN:  Mild asymmetrical activity within the bilateral sacroiliac joints right greater than left. This may be positional.
NERVE CONDUCTION STUDIES:  This study is midly abnormal, there is evidence of mild Chronic denervation and reinnervation changes in the muscles innervated by right C6 and left S1 radiculopathy. There is no evidence acute radiculopathy in the right upper and left lower limbs. there is ni evidence of generalized polyneuropathy or myopathy.
CHEST X-RAY 2 VIEWS:  Osseous structures reveal minimal degenerative changes of the spine.
X-RAY OF THE LUMBAR SPINE:  Mild scoliosis, mild osteophytes, very mild degenerative disc disease L2-L3, mild exaggeration lordotic curvature of lower lumbar region.
X-RAY OF CERVICAL SPINE:  Muscular tension with straightening of lardotic curvature and scoliotic curvature. Mild degenerative change joints of Luschka C4-C5, and C5-C6. No significant bony encroachment upon intervertebral neuroformina is demonstrated.
X-RAY OF THORACIS SPINE:  Mild scoliosis and exaggeration of kyphotic curve of the thoracic spine. Also mild spondylosis.
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