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when i go to pary or meet i feel i was targeted by some body and my whole nervous system is want to know what was saying by that fellow and i feel sad thinking that he was abusing me or any other else.slowly i feel depressed and my eye and leaps going dry casuing me nervous.at that time my voice is also not in order.
while i feel that my target people always not like that i think sometime he is very good people .
kindly advice us for that type of disorder.
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Hello dear,
I feel sorry for you.You should consult a psychologist for your disorder.Do not think negative and increase your self confidence.Try to overcome your negativities.Relax your mind and divert your attention when such thoughts trouble you.
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Dear Orisan,
I would like to help.  I think this week you should either go to the county mental health clinic, or go to the hospital emergency room, or go see any doctor as soon as you possibly can.  What you have is an ordinary mental disorder, I think it's called paranoia, which some people do get that, rather a lot of folks suffer with it.  It causes them to think someone is "out to get them."  It is a very good sign that you have noticed this about yourself, and so you have an excellent chance of getting through it with professional help.  It is a very treatable condition and you do not need to suffer another second with it if you don't want to.  So, first on your list should be to go see some medical people.

What is interesting about your story is, you report that your eye and perhaps your voice are not working right.  It is possible there is a physical reason that you are having these scary thoughts, which might be goofing up your mental thoughts.  The medical people you go see will also find out how all that might figure in with your thought processes.

In the meantime, if you want to, just avoid that person who causes you to be fearful.  It is okay to ignore them and go about your normal day.  Also, if you are drinking or doing any kind of illegal drugs, go ahead and stop doing that for a while.  Instead, get into eating good food.  Go out to eat a few times a week.  Buy some orange juice and cereal and milk and have that every morning.  Eat a hamburger with lettuce and tomato for lunch.  Also, get you some eye drops for your eye, so it won't bother you so much.  And drink a few extra glasses of water each day, so your voice will do a little better.  You need to have good nutrition and stay well hydrated while you deal with this problem.

I think you are just all stressed out, no doubt about it.  You are probably not getting enough rest, and maybe you are not eating enough good food, and perhaps you are rushing around and way too busy.  Slow down a little, just relax and breathe deeply, do some stretching exercises, do a little walking to calm down.  

But please go to the doctor this week, they can give you some medicine to calm you down, they might even want to have you spend a few nights in the hospital, which would be a nice break, or they might just sit down and talk with you for a while and then have you return for another few visits for a while.  It just depends on who you go see.  

Thank you for coming here with your difficulties.  It takes a lot of courage to tell people stuff like this.  So, I'm sure you will do very well when you seek medical treatment, and you will get better, and all this stuff will pass.
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