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dizziness when bending over

H i guys my question is this i was diagnosed with bulging disc between c5/c6 of the neck i am getting dizzy from loading dishwasher, or bending over to pick up things i do the neck exercises daily and i also have epilepsy what can i do to cut down on dizzy spells cause it affects my daily life i dont dare walk on grass/uneven surfaces without someone with me.  I take 1800mg of anti-seizure/day my neurologist says i getting better cause i can walk and lift but the dizzy spell symptonms are getting worse when i do get them.  What do u guys suggest is next step?  My mom died last month due to what we think was 2nd stroke i take care of my grandparents by cooking,cleaning,and running errands when i can on my bike since i dont have driver's license
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Were you getting dizzy before you started taking the 1800 mg/day of the "anti-seizure" medication?

Have you had the possibility of an inner ear problem ruled out, i.e. BPPV?  

BP ok?  

Any scans of your head done, i.e. MRI or CT?
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yes i had both a ct scan and an mri the ct scan showed nothing the mri showed bulging disc i've been taking the 1800mg of anti-seizure meds for years i only got this bulging disc i think from lidfting heavy weights my mom had stroke in oct so i was doing the cooking,cleaning,lifting her and grandma from bed to wheelchair alot the inner ear has not been ruled out and yes my bp has been normal.  i've been on the 1800mg of anti-seizure meds for awhile, been doing home pt by myself since insurance wont pay for it unless in hosp and i was in hosp when my mom passed away on dec 4th 2010.  I still have the dizziness to this day when i bend over too far but i'm able to walk good and got feeling back in my left(good) hand.  I have a va shunt and the headaches are ocurring around the shunt is why i came to here for answers i couldnt even take trash out this morning
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You had not mentioned earlier you had a va shunt.  

I would have an inner issue ruled out.
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