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I have been dizzy for the past 4 months I have gone to a neurologists and she has done the following MRI, EMG, Nerve Exam.The doctors have also done Blood Work, ENG exam, hearing exam and everything comes back normal. Can you please help what should i do next. Maybe see another specialist. Please Help i have been in and out of work. Thank You
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Do you experience any other symptoms associated with the dizziness? Has your vestibular system been completely evaluated? Are there any activities that trigger the dizziness?

One other possible condition that could be associated with bouts of dizziness is a blood pressure abnormality, Do you suffer from high or low blood pressure? If you do, is it properly controlled?

Another possibility is a visual disorder. Do you suffer from blurred vision or other visual symptoms? Do you wear glasses? Have you been evaluated by an ophthalmologist?

Answers to these questions might provide important clues regarding your condition.

Hope this helps.
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What kind of exam should i do for vestibular
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From your first post, it appears that one test has already been performed to evaluate your vestibular system. This test is electronystamography (ENG).

Other tests that can be performed by your physician for further vestibular system evaluation include rotational chair test, vestibular evoked myogenic potential, electrocochleography, and moving platform posturography.

You could ask your physician about this.

Hope this helps.
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I have had vertigo nonstop for 8 months, after a cruise.  All tests have been negative, from ear doctor and neurologist. No medication has helped. I only feel normal when driving.  Do you have a solution or know what could be my problem?  Normally I am very healthy and stable in every way.  I am 56.
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Can a thyroid problem be causing dizziness? Is vestibular rehab worth it? Can it help/cure daily dizziness?I too have been experiencing daily dizziness for now 3 months and I have been thru numerous tests, ENG, MRI, CT scans, Hearing test, allergy testing, soon eye testing, and 2 almost 3 Neurosurgeons to see what is causing my daily dizziness. I end up back to square one! NOOO help! I have tried Antivert and  Valium, and nothing is helping! help!
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