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double vision

  I am a 51 year old male in good health.  Today when I woke up I noticed my left eye was suffering double vission.  When I put on my glasses, i still saw double.  Me glasses seemed not to help at all.
  What could be the cause?
Dear Carl,
I am not sure what "double vision in the left eye" means to you. Is it double vision occuring when you look on the left side ? Usually, double vision disappears when you close one eye. Does it persist in your left eye when your right eye is closed ? Double vision may be caused by weakness in the muscles which allow your eyes to move. These muscles are supposed to work in parallel, so that your eyes move the same way and look in the same direction all the time. But if one or several of these muscles don't move properly, then each eye sends a different image to the brain, which results in double vision. Ordinary glasses do not correct double vision. I would recommend that you see an ophtalmologist, in order to determine what is causing this symptom, and if a treatment is required.
I hope this helps. remember that this information is disclosed only for the purpose of general medical education.

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