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episodic nausea, preceded by an aura, accompanied by fatigue

Posted By Matthew on November 07, 1998 at 14:56:58:

     For the past seven years I have suffered from deabilitating episodic nausea, I am currently 25.  The nausea that I experience is always accompanied by fatigue.  I am using the term "fatigue" loosely, for what I feel is that "things" iside of me are slowing down.  These feelings at certain times include, muscle weakness, slurred speech and blurred vision.  Before I have an episode I am notified of its arrival.  This aura that I experience is difficult to describe for it does not fit into the standard olfactory, optical, or auditory  disturbances.  A few times I have had an aura proceded by no other symptoms, although most of the time this is not the case.  
     My condition is currently labeled as an "undiagnosed seizure-like disorder", which is why I have chosen to submit to this forum.  Until I am diagnosed in clarity rather than abstraction the medications I have taken and am currently taking are treating symptoms not illness.  My current medications include low doses of both Klonopin and Prilosec.  
     At present episodes are infrequent, which has led friends and family to ask why I am still doing research.  My answer to each one of them has been that without a diagnosis I have no concept of if or when symptoms may reappear and whether my condition will once again become chronic.  Of course I am frustrated, who better to be so than the one who has little choice other than to diagnose himself.  
     The only other symptom worth mentioning would be diaphoresis, which I experience day to day therfore it is not unique to my episodes.  Lastly I was advised to mention that as an infant I was frequently hospitalized due to asthma attacks and during some of those attacks I experienced convulsions.  
     Any well thought out input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and your patience.
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