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excessive vomiting

This is a particularly complicated case for me, and it all started about 15 years ago (I am 22 now). It was the beginning of summer and I just had to vomit, all day. I would awake daily at 6 or 7 am due to the severe desire to vomit, and then have that feeling througout the day, occasionally actually vomitting. I would be in bed around midnight due to the horrible desire to vomit all the time, and then would have sleepless nights or frequent wakings due to the desire.

There was no dizziness, no headache, no cough, no fever, no GI discomfort, nothing else but the desire to throw up. The feeling strengthened and weakened randomly in the day, but never really went away. I had very little appetite and thirst those days as most of what i ate was regurgitated and the feeling to consume was weak. I lost a lot of weight and became very weak.

This persisted for weeks. I was at the hospital 4 or 5 times, never admitted. Each time the recommendation was observation and rehydration, no diagnosis ever. Blood work, urine, stool, all normal. No other symptoms made it difficult to assess as well.

We then decided to go to Germany (homeland, i live in asia) for a vacation and diagnosis. I was petrified with fear because i thought i would vomit and be sick for the 24 hour total journey. The moment I was in the cab to the airport I felt much better (this aspect will come into play later). The trip went smoothly. In germany, all was well so we didnt see the need to seek help. After 2-3 weeks however, it came back as strong as ever, exactly the same way as before. So we sought a pediatrician.

This new bloodwork revealed a deficiency in magnesium (however no other signs of magnesium shortage were present, by the way, I am starting third year med school in a month, and have actively researched my condition to no avail). I was prescribed supplements and within minutes of taking one, like magic I felt as strong as an ox. Maybe a placebo effect (then again i was 7 at the time) or the real cause but i felt great.

I continued to take Mg supplements for about a year, and no symptoms ever returned during this time. When we ran out of tablets, we just never restocked, and all was ok.

Over the next few years, it was mostly okay, every now and then, mostly random, sometimes Christmas, Summer, Term exams, regular school days, it would return, but much much weaker in feeling. A tablet got rid of it for that day immediately.

On the start of college though, it was back and fiercer than ever. After about one week of school, the following monday, I awoke to the most severe attack since I was a child. I began popping supplemements, but this time, there was no effect, may as well have been candy. This continued for about 1 month. I could not lose the feeling, and then I began taking many different supplements, but to no avail. Eventually, it tapered and vanished, but it was terrible. Could barely focus, read, study, anything.

It returned the next year, right after summer, again same duration and intensity, no help from supplements. Same symptoms, gone in a month.

That summer, i had a theory. Maybe it was the inaction. All summer I game, sleep long hours, eat heavy, etc., then all of a sudden back to buisness, figured it might be some metabolic shock. So that summer, i decided to walk, a lot. 7-9 hours a day in the city, every other day. When i returned for my third undergrad year, i felt great, no symptoms. Again, maybe a placebo, maybe a new cause.

I did this for two years. On the end of undergrad, i was so exhausted, i decided to spend my last free/good summer as a nobody student, that i gamed again, it had been 2 years since the last attack so i was confident. Returned to first year med, this time it lasted almost 3 months. I saw a doctor, and they said it was most likely anxiety. She had another patient who only had the desire to vomit during big life changes. Moving, new school, new job, death, etc. about two weeks each time. She said to relax, and stay hydrated.

At the end of 1st year, i got a full time job (been working part time till now, decided to extend hours into the summer), start of second year, perfect.

This summer, we went to Kuala Lumpur to watch the Sepang Malaysian GP, a gift for my bro who just finished med school. We left straight after my family exams, from the University. Whole trip was fine. On the last day, I had a severe vomit attack AND diarrhea.

It might be pertinent to mention now that every few weeks I get hypermotility diarrhea when im nervous or tense, usually just take a motilium (anti-cholinergic) and Im alright. I never vomit throughout the year (only start if school) and certainly never have both at the same time. The tension diarrhea only started in med school (yes, im quite the broken human arent I :) ).

It was horrible. For 12 hours on the travel home, i popped 3 motiliums and carried an array of bags to vomit into. After I got home, a good nights sleep, and it was gone. For the past 3 days, been laid back gaming. Now the 4th day, its back and stronger than ever.

Just for the record, during the flight home, today, and the attacks of the past 3 or so years, I walk arounf for 1-2 hours and feel much better, but not gone.

Any ideas?

It might be Mg, but why does it no longer work. Might be anxiety, but why only end of summer, why not final exams, funerals, Xmas and bad family reunions, hospital work (we are a PBL school, we go into the hospital from year 1). Why does walking help? Might be a placebo effect. Why only after dormancy...or rather mostly. Why the attack in malaysia, and the random strikes as a child.

Any ideas, drugs, anything?

Just on a dramatic side not, it is so severe and the feeling so bad, i actually hope for death. Wake up, throw up, want to throw up all day, wanes only. Cant read, eat, sleep, watch TV or anything. This for on average one month. It is terrible
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Hi,your problem could get aggravated at the end of summer because during summer our electrolyte balance is hampered. The imbalance of salts eg. Mg, Na,Chlorides  could be causing this. Please keep yourself well hydrated taking ORS every few hours . Take a diet rich in multiminerals and multivitamins. You must also get an endoscopy done and consult a gastroenterologist and endocrinologist.Do lots of exercises. Keep yourself busy and don't let that thought enter your mind. The more you think about it the worse you will feel.Hope this helps you.
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