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exercise and CAD

I had a  CAD about 8 weeks ago, i was at work and had what I THOUGHT WAS A MIGRAINE, I collapsed and was admitted to hospital where a CAD was diagnosed with 100% blockage, I had a tia and no damage. I was put on asprin blood preasure meds. I had a bad headache for about a week after hospital. But have returned to running 3 miles a day 6 days a week and 3 miles on the rower, my aim is to get super fit and try to bump start my bodies ability to heal itself. Doctor said it was fine to exercise whilst the consultantat at hospital said i should take it easy and not run. So not sure what to do. I feel much better after my runs and it really drops my BP and makes me relaxed so that has to be good. No headaches or other symptons and iam feeling better than before teh CAD. I had another scan a few weeks ago and iam waiting to see the consultant next week, Iam hoping that I can get some better advice on exercise limits.

I agree with everyone at 46 This was the last thing I expected, Iam very fit and this has been a real shock. But we all have to fight it dont give up!
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hi- i sufferd an ICAD in July of this year.  Am very a very active, 49-year old female.  I had 100% occlusion in left carotid which resulted in a stroke (no neurological damage).  Resumed running and working out after 6 weeks with no problem.  Just had MRA to determine if healing of vessel has occured - 80% healed!  i had been told it was so bad that it would probably never heal.  I attribute the healing to working out and staying healthy.  Good luck to you!
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Thansk dr Sharma but its not my heart that is teh issue it is my carotid arteries  I had an arterial dissection.
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Hi there. I respect your zeal to fight out the disease that has caught you by surprise. Well I agree with the advise that you got from both the physicians just that with a bit of modification. youreally need to go easy on your exercises since you are just out of a 100 % artery block. Over strenuous exercise with one of the two coronary arteries completely blocked will just pose a risk for overwhelming the demand supply ratio and relationship of oxygen and blood supply in the heart. So by over exercising the demand of oxygen and blood supply by myocardium may exceed than what can be supplied leading to myocardial ischemia. You need to undergo a coronary angioplasty to overcome this problem. Discuss with your cardiologist your limits and feasibility of surgery. Take care.

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