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Posted By Linda Harris on October 29, 1998 at 03:54:06:

I am a nurse that developed fibromyalgia after having a dental bridge put on.  I was diagnosed with TMJ one month after the bridge went on.  I had difficulty sleeping the night after the bridge went on, and gradually I developed all of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.  Luckly I found a dentist in Hastings Michigan Dr Dan Gole .  He is a holistic dentist , who examined all of my muscles and balance for one half hour before he looked at my teeth.  I had started biting the side on my cheek,  my tongue was scalloped all the way around it, and I woke up at night short of breath in addition to the pain, bruising, twtiching on my left eye, ear fullnes of my left ear, jaw, head and neck pain ,  I could not turn my head to my right shoulder.  I had been sent to cardiologist because I was dizzy and fainting, neurologist, had Cat scans EEG, bone scan, echo, holter monitors and the only blood work that was abnormal was my esonophils were elevated.  I went to several dentist in Canada  because I thought the problem was my teeth since I developed three abscessed teeth under my bridge, and I felt that my mouth did not shut right.  Dr Gole picked up that I was in a cross bite and that my bridge was not put on right.  The teeth that my dentist pegged had an angle on them and the bridge was sitting too close to my cheek.  Dr Gole took my bridge off and all of my symptoms of fibromyalgia went away.  I have since interviewed 60 people in Canada with Fibro  and referred then to the TMJ dentist Dr Rondeau in London Ontario. At least 15 of the people have already got dental splints to put there jaw in proper alignment and their symptoms are going away.  The medial field  need to pay attention to this finding.  Dentist are afraid to say that they can help Fibro  for fear their license will be revoked  for advertising that they can help medical problems.  PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN   there are people out there suffering needlessly.  THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE TEAM WORK WITH DENTIST AND DOCTORS.  
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