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foul smell after sinus surgery

Hello all,
I am 50 years old and underwent 4 FESS sinus surgeries due to recurrent nasal polyps.
The first 2 surgeries were in 1994 and 2001 (including partial turbinectomy).
About 2 months after the 3-rd surgery, in June 2007, I started to feel a strange smell of
something like "acid soap foam" ( not perfume, but an extremely unplesant smell),
or sometimes a "rotten" smell.
The smell gets somewhat diminished only while I am eating or if I spend a longer time
The taste sense seems to be still ok, as it can be at all without the smell taste.

A brain CT scan was performed that found everything ok at the brain level.

I was being treated for several years with nasal steroid sprays (Flixonase),
and at rare times with oral steroids (Prednisone), usually for 12 days, preceeding the
surgeries. Before the last CT scan I also received such a 12 day course of oral steroids,
which improved somewhat the smell sense, but only for the duration of the treatment.

I was checked by the ENT surgeon and everything was found perfect,
however, another ENT surgeon has found that one of the sphenoidal sinuses is blocked,
and this lead to the 4-th surgery in March 2008, when also an unusually heavy growth of
Staphiloccocus Aureus was found in one of the sinuses.
I was treated for 2 weeks with antibiotics (Dalacin), and the infection seems to have disappeared,
but the foul smell remained unchanged.
A brain MRI scan I will also be performed, just for excluding once more any possible brain damage,
but for the moment to the only conclusion is that probably the nose nerves were damaged
due to an improper healing process after the 3-rd surgery, and, unfortunately, there is no known treatment for this problem as by now ...

This never happened to me, also not after the first 2 surgeries .

I would be grateful for any indication about whether it is known of such a problem ever
have been healed and what could be a possible way to follow for treating or at least
improving the situation, because my life has simply turned unbearable.

Thanks a lot anticipately & My best regards,

Iudith Mentzel
Haifa, Israel
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