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fuzzy head??

Hi please help...
My son is 12 years old and since last May or just before, has been complaining of a fuzzy head,memory loss and lack of concentration. He is a very bright boy, quite serious and grown up but has become a shadow of his former self, he has fell over several times as he says he feels off balance and he does not want to speak much as he says it makes his head worse. He has been sent home from school at least once a week since last September and they have rang me several times to ask if i realise how unwell he looks (he goes very pale and they thought he was going to faint). His moods seem up and down but he says he does not feel depressed just that his head feeling fuzzy is making him fed up and he just wants to feel good again...this has gone on so long now that i realised i have almost started to accept it as the norm but obviously this is not normal and it is having a huge impact on his life.
He has in the past been seen by ENT (Audiologist said poss APD but said it shouldn`t cause said symptoms), GI (said slow digestive system, fatty liver and slow colon again nothing that should make him like this) and a hormone specialist who said all fine though he started puberty at 10 and his voice has broken she said no effect on the way he is feeling, last february he had a tooth abcess and it waiting for that tooth out as it keeps becoming infected but dental consultant said also unlikely to be the cause.
My gp does not want to refer him to anyone else as i think he thinks we just enjoy dr`s and hospitals...i do not want my son remembering nothing but that and feeling constantly unwell...he even said the doctor does not believe him and this makes him feel sad.
Please if you have any idea on what could be causing this i would be very grateful for your thoughts,
Thanks Kerri
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I did forget to add he aches all over most of the time...
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Hi, Thank you very much for your question; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise diagnosis here without being able to examine you, though I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. You need a proper assessment and investigation here since there can be many causes for memory loss & concentration impairment. Most common causes of short term memory and concentration impairment are excessive stress, psychological reason, recent head injury, certain medications and hormonal imbalance. I would recommend you to see a neurologist who can evaluate the details of your case and could better determine the insight of your situation. In the meantime, try to do some meditation exercises (eg. breathing exercises), have a balanced diet and avoid stress. Hope this helps. Take Care & Regards.

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Hi. My daughter has similar symptoms and was diagnosed with dysautonomia. Many doctors don't know about it.  Check out


There is a forum on medhelp about it and you could check it out.  You can also check out my daughters story on this site.  Good luck and keep me posted.
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Thank you very much for your responses.
I have got him an appointment with a neurologist this weekend so hopefully we will know more then.
I did have a look at dysautonomia as i had never heard of it, its difficult to say if thats it but was interesting so i will mention it to the gp, i have looked up just about every condition or cause but there are so so many things, i will post after the hospital and although i am not expecting a diagnosis of any sort you never know, i will just be pleased if they listen to him!
Many thanks
Theresa i hope your daughter feels better x
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Just getting the doctors to listen is a huge thing - trust me!!!  We mentioned dysautonomia to Whitney's docs after checking it out on here and he poo-pooed it...but had not better alternative diagnosis other than psychosomatic and we knew that wasn't happening - even got confirmation on that from a psychologist!  Anyway, keep up until they can figure out whatever he has and get him treatment.  We are our kids best and only advocates.
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Hi just got back from Neurology and they said he has Aspergers-no great shock as i have done a lot of research and apparently when you reach puberty these things tend to become more noticable, they said it is possibly migraines causing his fuzzy head but he also has a reoccurring tooth abscess and that because he is so sensitive that could be making him feel very unwell, he has a needle phobia so has to go to hospital to have the tooth out oh what fun!
At least i know now so we can sort him out and looks like a lot more hospital visits to come yet and more research...
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Glad you have some answers!  So sorry you have to go to the hospital for the tooth.  Hang in there!
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