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gamma knife surgery cost

  My sister needs gamma knife surgery to treat an AV malformation(III degree
  Spetzler clasification) which can't be treated by other means.We have a
   health insurance and we need to know how much would it cost.
Of course, surgical procedures are expensive. More complex ones can be more expensive.
The most direct way to find out the cost is to ask the hospital and surgeon directly what the costs are. They may squirm a bit, and may not be willing to share, but SOMEONE has to know this stuff or insurance companies would never give pre-approval to go ahead with a procedure. The key is to be persistent and discuss it with billing specialists.
The doctors will almost never know. Ask the billing specialists.
Also, I think I understand from your post that you DO have health insurance. Your insurance company will make it their business to find out what it will cost them. Whenever you make a claim, they send you an Explanation of Benefits (called an EOB) form with details on how much was charged, how much they allowed, how much they paid, and how much you owe.
Of course, insurance companies aren't particularly interested in helping you understand all the costs either. EOB forms can be quite mysterious. But again, if you are persistent you can get this information from the insurance company, and it makes sense that you should be able to get it BEFORE the surgery as well as after.
I hope this helps. CCF MD mdf.

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