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head pressure

Dear Sirs:
Can you tell me what causes head pressure. I have suffered with anxiety. I didn't seem to have head pressure till I started on blood pressure medicine or it could be the xanax. I have suffered with generalized everyday anxiety for a year now. The head pressure comes and goes but is usually always there for about two weeks now with the head pressure all the time. Can medicine cause it? The head pressure causes my anxiety. I feel as I have been doing better with anxiety until I started have mostly constant pressure.
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Hi Ticha,
There are some Blood Pressure medicine which can cause it.Would like to know what BP medicines you are taking.About Xanax,it is an anti-anxiety medicine,but too much of a dose,i.e over dose can cause restlessness/giddiness and nervousness.
Your Blood pressure medicines might need a review.
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Hey I am taking toprol blood pressure medicine. It is a beta blocker bp medicine. Do you think this causes  head pressure ?
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I am also haivng this pressure in my head and i am on no medicine.

V.worried of what may be causing this, it feels like so heavy and it keeps on chanigng meaning from the temple than it goes to left side of skull than sometimes right and soemtimes evevn the face.

Than it feels stifness and pressure at the same time.

I havent got cold, flue on any such things, only ear pain that comes and goes.

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Hi ticha65,
B-Blockers causes Dizziness or lightheadedness, especially after getting up from a standing or lying position ,Headache or ringing in ears (tinnitus) . Review of medicine specially Toprol is required .

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ive also been having this pressure
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Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you guys i suffer from the same thing... I'm 18 years old and I'm extremely healthy. I work out a couple times a week, I run, and I hardly drink. I have been having this head pressure for a couple years now and what I have noticed, is if I, don't judge, smoke weed, it goes away and I feel so much better. Another thing I have noticed, is if I lay off the sugars like soda, coffee, anything, I hardly ever get the pressure. It used to hit me hard when I took N-O Explode, but, supposedly N-O is supposed to kinda do that because it forces more oxygen in your veins and also causes your body to work more. I highly doubt it's shingles or anything really extraordinary so people who don't suffer to bad, just look at your diet and see if there is anything bad or that you can change. Working out even just a little at a time DOES HELP! If your not fit, and you have major pressure or feel really weak, you might have risk for diabetes. Also, people who say working out ***** or, it's really hard, honestly, if you do it with friends, it's fun and easy. It will literally only take an hour out of your day.
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